Freedom Laser Therapy Review - Freeing You From Addiction

My friend Victoria has a problem, a big problem.  She has been unable to quit smoking, no matter how hard she has tried.  Hypnosis, patches, gum, nothing worked.  I did some research and found out about a revolutionary new treatment using lasers.  Freedom Laser Therapy is a pioneer in this new form of treatment. 

Karen welcomes us and Craig introduces himself

When we visited their clinic on the third floor of 7815 Beverly Boulevard, in Los Angeles, we weren't quite sure what to expect.  Victoria was very curious about where they were going to put the lasers, and whether it would hurt.  After been warmly greeted by Karen, the receptionist, Vicky was given some paperwork to fill out.  Soon after, Craig Nabat, the president of Freedom Laser Therapy, entered the office.  He was very courteous and friendly, explaining the procedure to us in detail, and answering all our questions.  

Craig explains that Victoria has smoked her last cigarette, and has her throw away all her remaining cigs

Freedom Laser Therapy uses a low intensity laser, applied to the body's meridian pressure points, to stimulate endorphins - a high tech advancement to traditional acupressure.  Victoria describes it as a warm, tingling sensation.  When we left the clinic, she remarked how much clearer her sense of smell was, and she clearly had an elevated sense of well being - in other words, she felt great!   

Craig begins the treatment on Victoria's right hand

The laser treatment is not magic, it does not completely eliminate the desire to smoke.  It needs to be used as part of a larger regimen of exercise, deep breathing and other simple tactics to keep your urge to smoke under control.  It is the most efficient way Vicky has yet found to keep away from the enemy, tobacco.  As part of the treatment, Freedom Laser Therapy provides a "Commitment to Success" workbook, as well as a panoply of vitamins and supplements to help rid the body of tobacco residue and transition to better health.           

Laser contact points include the ear, and nose

Low-level laser therapy has been used for 30 years in Europe and Canada, and is now being made available through clinical research trials being conducted in the United States.  It's being studied in the U.S. to determine if it helps treat nicotine addiction and aid in weight loss.

The principal goal of Freedom Laser Therapy Clinics is to assist smokers in ending their nicotine addictions.  The clinic's tranquil atmosphere reflects a compassionate and innovative organization truly committed to helping people all over the globe live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Laser contact points include the hand, and what Victoria calls her "third eye"

Freedom Laser Therapy is an industry leader specializing in helping smokers break their nicotine addictions and lose weight with the usage of Low-level Laser Therapy.

The laser devices used by each clinic are classified as non-significant risks by the FDA.  Freedom Laser Therapy has used them to treat thousands of Los Angeles residents, and are now in the process of expanding their branded services nationwide. 

After the final laser point treatment, Victoria watches a video explaining what will happen next in her journey towards freedom from tobacco addiction

Craig stressed the ultimate importance of avoiding cigarettes, no matter what, as just one single "cancer stick" can lead right back to a full fledged addiction.  As the video he played during the treatment explains, you can NEVER smoke another cigarette, ever again.  A former smoker himself, Craig explained how he quit once, only to find himself borrowing a cigarette at a bar one night, which instantly re-ignited the smoker within him, leading him right back to his old habit.  A second round of laser treatments did the trick, however, and has been smoke free ever since.  

For more information, please visit or call 323-933-0304

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