Fathers Day Gift Guide - Give Dad a Great Shave

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This Father's Day take your gift from average to first-class with a gift set that will not only take care of your dad's face, but will allow him to feel pampered on not only his day, but everyday.

The Art of Shaving gift package

The Art of Shaving, well the name says it all, shaving is an art and they have taken it to a masterpiece level. The Art of Shaving will take your dad's morning to a new level and offers you several great shaving gift sets that allow you pick what is best for dad and his needs on his day.

When it comes to a shave, the two most important items are the shaving cream and the razor. If you take care of the razor, The Art of Shaving will make sure you get a great shave with their shaving cream. The shaving cream would be best described as taking a great shaving cream and them whipping it into a fluffy, light, airy product. The amazing thing is that although you would think you need to use more to cover your face, it goes a long way. I took very little just to get going and it would up being enough for two or three shaves, this will last you a long time. In addition, not only does it give you a great shave, but it feels more like a moisturizer as opposed to shaving cream. Your dad will love it.

If you are looking to go past the shave, a great surprise for Dad would be the Skin Care Kit.  This kit provides, the facial wash, facial scrub, moisturizer and after-shave mask. The facial scrub has an amazing ability to get exfoliate the skin and deep-clean your pores, yet does it a gentle way, this product alone will be one of dad's favorites for years to come. The Art of Shaving also has a fabulous leather collection for father's day. These include travel case, travel kits and manicure sets, a must for the dad who hits the road and even if your dad just goes down to the local gym, these leather items will allow him to do it in first-class fashion.

To learn more about The Art of Shaving, visit: www.theartofshaving.com

The Gentlemens Refinery line of shaving products

The Gentlemens Refinery is the new kid on the block when it comes to the shaving, but the experience behind the formation of this product line should leave no question of the quality.

Master barber Perry Gastis worked for some of the premiere companies within the shaving and skin care industry, but he had grown tired of the synthetic additives and so he partnered with an organic chemist to form the Gentlemens Refinery line of men's skin care products. Every product in the Gentlemens Refinery line is 100% natural, paraben and alcohol free.

Mr. Gastis has put his years of experience to work to give a perfect shave. Start with his pre-shave oil, use one of his two shaving creams and finish the job with his after shave balm that is designed to expedite the healing process as well as sealing the skin from external impurities.

The Gentlemens Refinery also offers a variety of silvertip badgers shave brushes if you are looking for that classic shave. If you really want your dad's bathroom to look great, you can get him the Signature Nickel Shave Set that holds his razor and brush and the stunning great look of this set can also be engraved for your dad.

To learn more about the Gentlemens Refinery, visit: www.thegr.com

Sharps gift sets for dad

Sharps have a line of products that will take care of dad from head-to-toe and the great thing about Father's day as they have a wide range of gift packs for every type of dad.

The Sharps Kid Glove Hydrating Gel aftershave product is a must have for your dad. This gel product contains botanicals and anti-oxidants that help deal with; razor burn, dryness, sun damage and environmental pollutants. Simply put, this is the ultimate aftershave product and will let your dad realize he doesn't need to make faces and those painful sounds that come out from using those typical alcohol-based after shave products. Trust me this will put a smile on your dad's face.

The Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash from Sharps is another product that will be pleasant change from dad's old facial products. To put this product up against dad's old bar of soap, well I can't really make a comparison because they don't belong in the same zip code, as the foaming wash will not only clean your dad's face, but will rejuvenate and bring his face back to life with a clean crisp feeling.

To find out more about Sharps, visit: www.sharpsusa.com

MaleFace Ultimate Travel Kit

MaleFace Skin Care products have been around since 2000, which may not sound like a long time, but when it comes to providing online skin care and more importantly focusing on the male face, they are definitely at the forefront.

MaleFace offers a wide assortment of gift packages that will take care of your dad, but they currently have a deal that is too good to pass up. The 3-step pack, which contains the deep cleansing scrub, the vitamin enriched shave cream and the rejuvenating moisture cream, also comes with a free travel bag and free shipping for only 29.97. This is an incredible deal and will let your dad give these products a trial run while not denting your pocket book.

MaleFace recently added the Razor Bump Remedy to their line. The number of times your dad has to put a razor to his face, he is bound to get some irritation once in a while, sometimes daily depending on how sensitive his face is. This product containing acetylsalicylic acid and glycerin will help with razor bumps, ingrown hairs and irritated skin.

The MaleFace website is worth a visit just to find out more about your dad's face and how he should care for it as well as helping you to find out what you should purchase to help him get the job done.

To find out more about MaleFace, visit: www.maleface.com

Take a few years off of dad's face

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