Facials and more aren't for just females anymore

Men, the secret is out and I'm going to share it. There is a relaxing and tranquil world out there that women have been hiding from us, and it includes facials and body washes among other things.

Men are beginning to become an increasing consumer in skin care products and spa services, yet compared to women, men are still a very small percentage. The Gauthier Total Image Spa in Sherman Oaks is looking to change that.

Gauthier probably looks a little out of place in a strip mall off of Ventura Boulevard, but this may be the perfect location for such a treasure. Once you enter the doors, you quickly forget about all the traffic and hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  It's as if you are entering a new, serene, world.
From the moment you enter the spa, the atmosphere encapsulates you with its blissful state, and you are given a warm and friendly welcome from the staff.  After that, it only gets better as you begin your treatment.
I had the pleasure of having Lori Ford handle everything, from the body scrub, to the massage and finally the facial. Lori provides expertise in all areas, as she was a massage therapist and then went on to become a licensed esthetician.
If you have not had a facial, men, it probably may seem a little difficult to imagine how it could possibly take sixty minutes to do anything to ones face. Trust me, every minute and every step of the process is worth it. They begin by cleansing your face twice, using different scrubs and oils.  This is followed by steaming your face to allow any final impurities to be removed and then it is finished off with a mud masque. When all this is combined, it will leave your face feeling, well probably better than it has since you were running around in diapers.

The body scrub is another must try experience. It really is hard to beat having your body scrubbed and massaged from top to bottom with a splendid honey-almond combination. Once your body has been completely scrubbed and covered then you go to rinse off and it leaves your body feeling better than any shower you have ever taken.

Of course we cannot forget the massage. Although a great number of people have had massages in their lifetime, it is hard to argue that having a massage therapist using their hands gives you that little added expertise to make the massage even that much better.

Gauthier offers a wide variety of massages, and it would not go out on a limb to say you would be hard pressed to think of something related to massages that you could not find at Gauthier.
Gauthier offers what may well be the most alluring package in all of Los Angeles for men, The Ultimate Man's Makeover. This package gives you six hours of pleasure to make you feel like a new man from head to toe. This allows you to experience the body scrub, sports and scalp massage, as well as the facial and you get to finish your day at the Gauthier salon with a manicure, pedicure and haircut.

Always trying to keep pace with the changes in skin care, Gauthier has recently added a photo rejuvenation machine. This machine can help with skin redness, acne, hyper pigmentation and can also work on the muscles in the face in a non-invasive way.

For those of you looking for that summer tan, yet don't want the damage from the sun it requires, Gauthier is also offering airbrush body bronzing, which gives you the perfect safe and healthy alternative to sunbathing.

Don't for a minute think this it's all about men at Gauthier, they still get the majority of their business from women and also have great spa packages for couples to enjoy together. To find out more information on the Gauthier Spa you can visit their website at www.gauthierspa.com or give them a call at 1-818-501-4423.

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