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Before and after - ears lend an air of youthfulness

Edward Jimenez is a unique hair stylist.  I've had many haircuts in my life, but I've never been asked such thorough questions.  Instead of small talk, he asked what kind of lotions I prefer, whether I use hair dryers, and how I like my hair and sideburns.  He was very direct and precise, which helped him craft the ultimate haircut.  I was more than happy with the result, and plan to go back to him when my hair grows out.

The master surveys his client's awaiting mane

After my haircut,  Jimenez gave me "lowlights", which are like highlights that darken instead of lighten.  He took the time to ensure the color of my hair was just right.  Most people have dark hair at the bottom that turns gray at the top.  My hair was gray at the bottom.  Instead of using aluminum foil everywhere, he used it at the front of my head and hand painted lowlights from the bottom up.  At my forehead he used wraps so there wouldn't be too obvious a break from dark to light.

Contrary to popular belief, washing hair before coloring allows the color to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft

Many hair stylists don’t have the skill and experience to evenly distribute highlights and lowlights, but  Jimenez is a master!  He color corrected the woman next to me to ensure that her highlights/lowlights were natural and evenly harmonious, which demonstrated how important he considers his clients.

The Michael Jordan of hair design

There are two things he said that I’ve never heard from anyone else.  First: I thought you should never wash your hair before coloring it, but  Jimenez says this is a mistake.  According to this expert European hair colorist, fluids follow water and the color will go deeper into the shaft if it's wet after washing and conditioning.  Second: I should show my ears because I will look younger!  When he’s on movie sets and needs to make people look older, he covers their ears.

Jimenez   helped me shed 10 years and 10 pounds – well, almost.  My girlfriend thought I looked a decade younger, exclaiming, “Whoa, you look younger and thinner!”

I have a full head of thick, course hair, and many people don’t know how to work with it.   Jimenez has extensive experience with the razor, but told me razor cutting is not for every man.  He said it would make my hair look thinner, yet still puffy.  

An artful application of lowlights

His teachers taught him technique, but in order to be exceptional, each hair stylist must learn to work from the heart.   Jimenez works with his left brain (technical ability), and more importantly, he also works with his right brain (creative/artistic).  The result is a passionate stylist who performs with precision and grace.  As he works on his clients, his mouth hangs slightly open and his tongue sticks out, his eyes clearly focused on his client.  He's the Michael Jordan of hair design. 

This was the best haircut I've ever had.  Not only did I look terrific when I left, but as my hair grew out, the shape and style remained intact.  He’s a truly professional and dedicated hair artist who is very particular, carefully checking his work throughout.  Edward Jimenez aims to please his customers.  His father taught him that everybody needs to be treated with the same respect.

A prince of precision

Jimenez   travels internationally to demonstrate, teach and predict future trends in hair design.  He recently used his talents to educate hair and beauty specialists on the needs of the growing ethnic markets.  His unique combination of technical expertise and artistic flair has earned him a respected position in the Beauty industry.

For information on Professional Hair Styling; Hair Color; Image Consulting; Makeover; Air Brush Makeup; and Wig / Hair Extensions, click on www.askedward.net

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