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Everyone knows the story about Johnny Depp and the tattoo he got on his bicep to show his undying love for actress Winona Ryder, the tattoo read: 'Winona Forever'.  Later on after the relationship dissolved Depp opted to have a portion of the tattoo removed to say 'Wino Forever'.  It was quite lucky for him that he was able to have tattoo laser removal because if he had been living in a past, less technologically advanced era he would have been stuck with a “Winona Forever” tattoo while dating Kate Moss and then Vanessa Paradis.

A Dr. Tattoff Client Gets Her Tattoo Removed

There are some mistakes we can fix and there are others which we have to live with for the rest of our lives. There was a time when if you made a mistake by getting a tattoo that was later unwanted, you would be stuck with that tattoo for the rest of your life or be forced to cover it up with another nasty looking “work of art”.  Now thanks to technology we don't have to live with a tattoo that we don't want anymore.   When I was in my early twenties I got a tattoo on my lower back which I later came to regret terribly.  Looking back in hindsight, I now realize that at the time when I got my tattoo, I must have known subconsciously that I was making a mistake so I chose to put the tattoo on my back where I wouldn't have to look at it everyday.  A few years later, I realized that I didn't have to live with this appalling tattoo on my back and that I could actually have it removed through laser removal therapy. 
I was so excited to make my first appointment at Dr. Tattoff Laser Clinic in Beverly Hills and find out what they could do for me. 

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Before going in for my appointment I had the preconceived notion that laser therapy would cost me an arm and a leg and that it would literally be as painful as having my arm or leg removed.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Tattoff was not only affordable but also offered me flexible financing options.  As for the pain aspect of laser removal, you can get a special anesthetic cream that greatly alleviates the pain. 

Danny Bonaduce Receives a Treatment

Dr.  TATTOFF is the country’s largest tattoo removal chain and the first branded chain in the country. The company has an extremely colorful history, from the owners down to the patients.  The CEO, James Morel, got the idea for Dr. TATTOFF while living in NY.  After looking for days to try to find a place to remove his own embarrassing tattoo, he came to the conclusion that there had to be others like him who wanted to remove their tattoos. After moving to LA, he hooked up with reality star, Chris Knight (Surreal Life/My Fair Brady), Dr. Will Kirby (winner of Big Brother and current star of Dr. 90210) and Mike “Boogie” Malin, (Big Brother All-Star winner and Dolce Group owner.) and Dr. TATTOFF was formed. To date, the company has performed over 12,000 laser procedures. They are the absolute experts in the field of tattoo removal.

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NASCAR aficionados are among the most ardent of sports fans.  So, when racecar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. stated his intent to leave Dale Earnhardt Inc. racing and his lucky number 8 behind, fans suffered a major shock.  The number 8 has become such a part of Earnhardt Jr.’s identity that many loyal fans have his number tattooed on them. Now Earndhardt’s most fervent supporters are finding that the number 8 is no longer a cool tattoo but a permanent mistake.  For those racing fans not born on the 8th or who do not have 8 wives or children and thus, cannot or do not want to justify having the number 8 tattooed on their body, there is hope. The country’s largest tattoo removal chain, Dr. TATTOFF is offering a 25% discount to Earnhardt Jr. fans wanting to remove number 8 tattoos. 

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A Specialist Does Her Magic

For More Information or to schedule a Free Consultation please visit:  http://www.drtattoff.com


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