Dr. Clark Driggers of BLUE MedSpa Opens up About Traditional Liposuction’s Faster, Smarter Competition

In traditional liposuction you’re under general anesthesia. It’s traumatic. You lose a lot of blood and you have a lot of down time, which begs one to ask the question, “Why is anyone still getting this procedure when there are better options out there?”

Atlanta’s BLUE MedSpa currently offers an alternate to traditional liposuction called SmartLipo (which does indeed have FDA approval).  We sat down with the man behind the canula, Dr. Clarke Driggers of BLUE MedSpa, to learn more.

SmartLipo is a form of aesthetic surgery that involves the use of a pinpoint canula (a tube smaller than angel-hair pasta) to remove unwanted fat cells in a particular area of your body,” Dr. Driggers shares. “Unlike traditional liposuction, recovery from SmartLipo is quick and bruising is minimal.”  The procedure is done in an hour, which is why some people call it “Lunchtime Lipo,” since you could, in theory, get it done during your lunch hour at work. 

 “I heard about SmartLipo through BLUE MedSpa,” Dr. Driggers shares. “I went in and observed the actual procedure itself.  When I saw the benefits it offers over traditional liposuction, I thought it was an interesting field to get involved in.”

BLUE MedSpa owner John Stupka shares, “The clients who have had SmartLipo are extremely pleased... Some people say their stomach hasn’t looked this good since they were in their 20s.”

And the benefits are plentiful. “No stitches, minimally invasive, and most people return to work the next day,” Dr. Driggers shares. Want to hear the best part?  No loose, flabby skin.  The Cynosure laser used to melt fat away during the procedure actually tightens collagen so skin becomes firmer, not looser like traditional liposuction. 

 According to Dr. Driggers, the client is fully awake during the SmartLipo session.  “They are asked to stay standing and move around to ensure the desired shape is achieved,” Dr. Driggers revealed. 

So does it hurt? Dr. Driggers reports some SmartLipo patients experience “no discomfort at all.”  In fact, some patients have been known to listen to their Ipods during the procedure. Others report a small sting that can be compared to the insertion of an IV (but remember, no IV is used during the procedure!)  
“Most of my patients are relatively healthy, they just have localized areas of fat deposits that they just can’t get rid of no matter how much they work out or for whatever reason.” Dr. Driggers explains, “It’s really a body sculpting procedure, not a weight loss procedure.” 

So we asked the doctor how permanent the results are and you’ll love this answer, “Permanent. When you use the laser to destroy the fat cells, they are gone.  [As an adult you have] a certain number of fat cells, and once you remove some they are not going to grow back, so it’s a permanent result.”

Kiss stark white hospital rooms goodbye and say hello to the serene BLUE MedSpa environment.  The MedSpa is located in downtown Atlanta and was voted one of top 55 spas in the country by Conde Nast.  The spa also offers lash extensions, manicures, pedicures, messages, facials and organic hair salon.

Interested? Get the real scoop on Smartlipo by attending one of BLUE MedSpa’s SmartLipo Education Nights. “Most people are pretty familiar with what liposuction is but don’t have any idea what SmartLipo is,” Dr. Driggers explains. The doc leads sessions once a month answering questions about the procedure. The next education night will be held December 19, 2007.

For more information about BLUE MedSpa visit www.bluemedspa.com

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