Danesh Dermatology - Introducing "Light Sheer Duet" to Hair Removal

Hair removal has always been a painful undertaking regardless of your sex or the body part, but that is all changing. The “ Light Sheer Duet” is going to revolutionize hair removal, providing you with close to permanent hair removal while doing it in a pain-free way.

Dr. Gina Danesh giving the Light Sheer Duet treatment

Danesh Dermatology  in Beverly Hills is the first office to offer this treatment. Dr. Sid Danesh and his wife Dr. Gina Danesh are experts in dermatology and cosmetic procedures and the addition of the " Light Sheer Duet" just gives them another way to help their patients attain their physical goals. If you are looking to have a hair removal procedure done, this procedure is a must-try. As painful as hair removal can be, the " Light Sheer Duet" you will find out is almost entirely pain-free. It is a very simple procedure and you will be in and out of the office in no time. In addition the best part is the fact that in as little as 4-5 treatments you can have up to a 90% reduction in permanent hair. Most other procedures you will have to do at least twice the number of procedures and your success rate is not as high. The " Light Sheer Duet" is not just for the ladies, it works great for smaller areas, but you guys with hair on the back or chest I would say give this a try. The machine has a larger attachment to get those more spacious areas so you will find it won't take that long and it is a great alternative to that painful waxing so you can get the smooth look as you begin to hit the beach as summer approaches.

Dr. Sid Danesh and his wife Dr. Gina Danesh

If this is your first time visiting a doctor for either hair removal or for any other type of procedure,  you will feel very at ease talking to either Dr. Sid or Dr. Gina. They really take the time to make sure that they are going to provide you with the service you want and that is something that will benefit you. 

Light Sheer Duet machine

“These type of procedures are a luxury, medically they are not needed but they can help improve your self-esteem and it can help in a number of areas in your life,” said Dr. Sid Danesh. “It is like an art when you look at the face and see what can make the face look better and then do that for the patient and have them leave feeling better about themselves.”

Light Sheer Duet treatment

Danesh Dermatology offers just about every type of service that you could be looking for including; botox, laser resurfacing for sun spots, fillers ( restylane, radiesse, juvederm, hylaform, inamed), chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL, treatment of broken capillaries with Iredex, skin allergies and Latisse, which is a new treatment to grow fuller eyelashes.

The Danesh Dermatology office

If you are looking for an office that will make you feel at ease regardless of the treatment, Danesh Dermatology is a fantastic place to visit for all of your beauty needs and after one visit with the " Light Sheer Duet" you will never view hair removal the same way.

For more information on Danesh Dermatology, visit: www.webskinmd.com

Danesh Dermatology has two offices, one in San Gabriel and one in Beverly Hills.

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