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Getting any part of your body waxed as a male is becoming more popular, but there is also a lot of fear and apprehension that goes along with this. Cocktail Wax in Los Angeles has done a fantastic job of putting together some innovative waxes to go along with a great staff that will leave you asking why did I wait so long to do this.

The waxing room

Cocktail Wax founder Christina Amrani imports her wax from France, now you might ask why does it matter where the wax comes from. The wax and where it comes from is actually very important, well that is if you like getting a good waxing while keeping the pain to a minimum. I’ll just say no matter how careful or what you use, if you have hair ripped from your body, you are going to feel a little bit of pain, but beauty does have its costs. In America if you go somewhere to get waxed, male or female and regardless of body part, you are likely to get the same standard waxing. Cocktail Wax has twenty varieties of wax and they each have a distinct and specific use. Make sure you take a moment to take in the scent of the waxes as well, they smell so good you will want to dip your finger in and take a taste. They use chocolate, which contains the regenerating power of cocoa butter and is enriched with almond powder, this will leave your skin hydrated for days.

The elegant Cocktail Wax

Cocktail Wax has actual waxes that are meant for men, because trust me they have entirely different hair and skin, with the skin being on average 25% thicker than that of women, so it wouldn’t make sense to use the same wax. If you have a hairy chest I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind to get it waxed and after the scene in “40 Year Old Virgin” I’m sure that thought came and left. Being a virgin when it comes to waxing, this is what I thought I was in for and that kept me from giving this a try for a long time. First off I will say if you can get through the chest area, the stomach is a breeze. Monica was up front, telling me it would be uncomfortable but certainly not like that scene and she was correct. First she decided which wax to go with, the “Cream Wax of Talc,” a blue wax that is resin free to limit allergic reaction and irritation. Now I did have quite a bit of hair on my chest so she had to use a wax applier that layered the wax on my chest and then she put the waxing strips on and got started. I’ll say the sound was scarier than how it felt, it was a loud tearing sound and while it was painful from the start, it certainly was not as painful as I imagined. Actually the more area she did the more I got used to it and Monica told me that the more you get it done, the less painful it will be down the road. So guys don’t give up after one try, if you can do it once, I think you can keep it up and it really gives you a smooth, natural and clean feeling.

Christina Amrani

Cocktail Wax is not just about the guys though, of course women still are the queens when it comes to waxing. They offer waxing for every area of the body for women and men and the prices are pretty standard for what you are going to find at any other waxing facility around. The first thing that Cocktail Wax is going to do is ask you what area you are going to get waxed and then they will ask you more specific details about your body type, skin issues and anything else that might have an impact on your waxing. This all goes back to the fact that Cocktail Wax has twenty different types of waxes, each wax has a specific use and the staff will determine which one is the best one to suit your needs.

Some of the fabulous wax from France

If you are a virgin when it comes to getting waxed or someone who goes on a regular basis, one visit to Cocktail Wax will change your view of waxing forever.

For more information on Cocktail Wax, visit: or call (310) 289-0166

A list of the waxes offered at Cocktail Wax:

Arnica Resin Wax
Arnica Montana rare flower that grows in Europe. Used for anti-inflammatory properties. Healing for scars, stimulates circulation and reduces pain. Best results on sensitive skin and reactive skin, for all skin types.

Made with almonds, the oils are easily absorbed by the skin and high in omega 3. Good for those with dry or sensitive skin, this wax is very hydrating and good for the complexion.

A beautiful color, delicious smell, good to nourish and calm the skin leaving it feeling wonderfully soft. Apricot, extra nourishing formula is a great was for mature or dryer skin and removes short stubborn hair easily.

An anti-inflammatory extracted from chamomile and yarrow flowers. It is an excellent analgesic and detoxifier which calms and soothes the skin. Its natural color is blue. Excellent for all skin types and delicate skin.

This is great for almost all skin and hair types. This wax has a delicious smell. Enriched with banana oil and titanium Dioxide, its high content in vitamins and minerals prevents skin irritation caused by depilation.

Cocoa depilatory was, enriched with theobroma cacao & almonds oil. This innovative composition gives it particular characteristics that provide a pleasant & effective depletion, leaving the skin hydrated & regenerated.

Fruit Cocktail
Made with several different kinds of fruit, it really is a cocktail. Enriches with a combination of essential fruit oils such as Pineapple, Kiwi, Melon and Grape. Its high contents in antioxidants and Titanium Dioxide makes for gentle without irritation.

Fruit Rouge Wax
Colour burgundy sparkles. This new generation of wax combines the richest ingredients and has a voluptuous scent and extraordinary color. This resin cream wax is perfectly adapted for people with poor blood circulation and varicose veins. For all types of skin.

Green Pine
Is popular for its natural cleansing and moisturizing properties. This wax is especially beneficial for dry, mature, and aging skin. Pine wax cleanses and stimulates the skin, it also provides a deeper hair removal for more effective depilation.

Green Tea
For soft delicate waxing delicate perfume green tea , recommended for sensitive skin.

Excellent wax for skin types allergic to pine rosin. Lavender, apple, lemon, orange, raspberry, and marine, cleanses and stimulates the skin. Also provides a deeper hair removal for more effective depilation.

Enriched with extra Olive oil and titanium Dioxide: a Mediterranean formula for the most demanding of customers to protect the most sensitive of skins, leaving it smooth and soft.

Perfect for clients with sensitive skin who are prone to breakouts or allergic reactions. This organic wax can help prevent skin irritation, unsightly bumps and itching. Applied in a very thin layer to prevent pain or reaction.

Petal de Rose
Has a pretty pink color and creamy texture. Recommended for people very sensitive to heat. Its composition is enriched with ricinus communis seed oil and titanium dioxide. This wax softens and soothes the skin while absorbing the heat. Good for more sensitive skin types.
Hard waxes
It’s a premium wax for sensitive areas. Excellent for removing fair blonde hair that are often difficult to deal with . Champagne Hot Wax, removes fine, short, difficult hair. Removes hair as short as 1mm.
Cocoa depilatory was, enriched with theobroma cacao & almonds oil. This innovative composition gives it particular characteristics that provide a pleasant & effective depletion, leaving the skin hydrated & regenerated.

Natural honey popular for its natural cleansing & moisturizing properties.

Used for the most sensitive skin types and areas. This cucumber wax has a nice texture and will not break
like many hard waxes does not causing a painful waxing experience. It gently removes the hair.

Men’s Wax

Is especially formulated for a successful back, chest, underarm, arm and leg depilation. Its composition of eucalyptus oil and titanium dioxide assures hydrated and regenerated skin after depilation. It ensures total opening of the pores and maximum hair removal even on sweating skin. The antiseptic effect of eucalyptus preserves the poor from contamination, it also diminishes pain during hair removal.

Cream Wax of Talc
Talc is the softest rock on our planet. Talc powder is essential for cooling irritated skin and preventing perspiration. This cream wax is resin free to limit the risk of allergic reaction and irritation. It is a pleasantly scented wax that leaves your skin satiny and soft. It can be used for all skin types.

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