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World-renowned hair stylist, Cristophe

Cristophe is a world-renowned hair stylist who has been styling the locks of beautiful women and men, rock and celebrity royalty, and politicians alike for over 20 years. From his salons in Beverly Hills, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Newport Beach, and Saint Barth's, Cristophe is known for individualizing every hairstyle to the client's own distinct personality. The legendary Cristophe performs his haircutting wizardry on A-list clients including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Goldie Hawn, the Hilton girls, and even us civilians!




Our editor and publisher-in-chief, Lawrence Davis, and I were privy to experience the luxuries offered at Cristophe in Beverly Hills, the Mecca of beauty for L.A.-based stars and star-lettes. Davis and I are by no means celebrities, but we were undoubtedly given the VIP treatment from the moment we walked in the door, as we were welcomed with warm smiles from everyone in the salon, both patrons and stylists.

The newly remodeled salon seems to go on forver

The newly renovated salon at first appears to be an average-sized space. The friendly smiles and hellos from the staff at the front desk are the first things that clients experience when they enter the salon. Cristophe's personal line of hair care products colorfully decorate the wall adjacent to the front door. The tantalizing makeup counter opposite the product wall is adorned with shimmering shadows, bright bronzers, and glimmering glosses. You just can't help yourself from taking a 'quick glance' as you walk by. Of course, 'quick glance' usually means that we walk out with at least one new item to add to our makeup collections! After strolling by the front desk and the makeup counter, the salon is seemingly endless with white swiveling chairs, mirrors, bright lights, and white orchids lining the far-reaching walls. Yet, despite its grand size, the salon is inviting and warm, with and island counter top in the center of the stylists' stations. It is complete with bar stools and healthy refreshments including vegetables, whole-wheat crackers, mixed nuts, fruit, and assortment of cheeses, and lemon and cucumber ice water. This island not only serves as a snack table, but also as a central area for clients and stylists to mingle as they nibble on their goodies.    

The soothing shampoo room offers serenity and solace

While the stylists' stations are buzzing with chitchat and giggles, the separate room specifically for hair washing and scalp massaging is a serenity zone. A mini spa, this room has classical music playing in the background, dim lights, and a 'no cell phones please' sign. Your body is submerged in luxury as you sink into the comfortable cushions of the reclining leather chairs situated in front of the sinks. As a staff member shampoos and conditioners your tresses, they provide a delicious scalp massage. This tranquil atmosphere offers a much needed respite from the stresses, and traffic, of the outside world.  

As Davis and I sipped our refreshing lemon and cucumber water, we could see Cristophe fluttering from client to client, talking with his assistant, answering his cell phone, and basically multi-tasking like the busy, and highly sought after, pro that he is. Yet, despite the flurry of events, Cristophe did not hesitate to take a moment to personally welcome us to his salon. He was all smiles as he said hello and chatted for a minute with us. With a million things going on at once, I was surprised to find Cristophe calm and composed. He spoke softly, his French accent decorating every word he said. He graciously said hello, and joked and laughed with everyone in the salon whether they were a civilian or celebrity. One would never know that this tall, svelte man adorned in a simple t-shirt and gently worn jeans was the mastermind behind some of the most famous heads of hair in the world!

Cristophe and Lawrence Davis discuss hair

Cristophe led Davis to his personal station and instantly began asking Davis questions about his hair and what his hair goals were. Cristophe listened intently to Davis' answers and thoughts. A pensive look swept across Cristophe's face and he meticulously studied Davis' hair. Cristophe explained in great detail his own thoughts and, together, they decided upon a cut that would best suit Davis' look and hair type. Then, he went to work concentrating on every snip of the scissors. In the end, Davis' hair, once styled with the casual messy look, was now clean, shaped, and versatile. Davis wanted his hair to be able to grow so that it would be longer in the back and wrap around his ears. So, Cristophe specifically cut his hair with this goal in mind. Cristophe says that Davis' hair is a "work in progress." With Cristophe styling and nurturing his hair, Davis should reach his goal style in about 3 months. In the meantime, Davis has a look that can easily be transformed from messy-chic to clean and professional with only the addition of a drop of product. This suits Davis' lifestyle perfectly since, as a publisher and editor-in-chief of an international magazine, he is forever attending a wide variety of events from trendy club openings to black-tie charity events.

Jane Fisher hard at work dyeing my hair

While Cristophe worked his magic on Davis' hair, I was receiving a color consultation with Jane Fisher, a color specialist. Jane and I were instant friends as we talked about everything from hair color to her daughters. In terms of my hair color, she not asked me about my thoughts on color, but also inquired about how I wore my hair daily, if I was out in the sun often, and even how active my lifestyle was! She took all of these things into consideration when contemplating the best way to color my hair. Since I am an athlete and am forever outside running, she gave me blonde highlights on the top and left my hair darker underneath. This way, my hair would have some depth when I wore it down and would also have a little pop when I wore it in a ponytail while running! A few weeks later, I am still getting compliments on my highlights!

Cristophe in action

Sharle Kochman, Cristophe's assistant and hair extension extraordinaire, styled my long, straight tresses. Sharle also doubles as a makeup artist and is so coveted by the celeb crowd that The Eagles currently have her as their personal hair and makeup stylist on their Europe tour! Her down to earth attitude and radiating energy was comforting and I felt right at ease as I sat in her char. 'Oh! Your color looks great!' she immediately exclaimed as she studied my hair. 'You are the professional,' I said, 'Make me gorgeous!' With a smile and giggle, she grabbed her scissors and went to work. When she finished, she had cut a couple of inches off and styled shorter pieces to frame my face. She gave me some long layers so that my usually fine, flat hair would have some body and bounce. She blow-dried my hair so that I had some large, loose curls strewn about and a lot of voluptuous volume! I fell in love with the style immediately and have pronounced myself a Sharle convert!

Cristophe and Lawrence Davis in the midst of hair talk

Of course, the 'my hair will never look this great again' thought swept through my mind. After all, we all know that it is nearly impossible to replicate the meticulous blow-dry and styling performed by a talented professional. However, I must say, Sharle cut my hair in such a way that, with a few hot rollers and a shake of my head, I am able to run out the front door in about 5 minutes with volume and loose curls that are still garnering the compliments of my friends and even some strangers! I have stick straight hair that is very fine, and I rarely leave the house without using hot rollers or at least a round brush and a blow dryer. However, a few mornings ago, I was short on time and had to forgo my usual body building routine. As I was running out the door, I took a moment to glance in the mirror and was quite amazed to see that Sharle's cut gave my hair natural body and bounce even when left straight!

Davis and I were off to the Indi Producer Awards show that evening, so I took advantage of my time at Cristophe's and received a manicure from Diana Tran, nail stylist to the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Pamela Anderson to name a few. Her mani-pedi skills are in such demand right now, that she can actually turn down a celeb's request for her services! Now, that is how we know she's good! Diana is this wonderfully funny, petite woman who can talk and talk and talk! She is so busy doing celebrity nails that she rarely has time to watch TV or read a magazine. Ironically, she seldom recognizes the celebrities that garner her services! My nails were perfectly polished in a light pink lacquer that lasted for a little over a week.

(L to R): Before and After

Cristophe in Beverly Hills offers a wide array of treatments and services to comfort, soothe, and pamper your entire body from head to toe. Hair services include: haircut and style, blow dry, up do, and hair extensions. For chemical services, you can choose from one or two process color, highlights, corrective color, vegetal, bleach and tone, balayage, perms/spirals, and relaxer. Treatments include Aqua Oleum treatment, Cita Ciment, and Rene Furturer treatment. Choose from the following make-up services and leave Cristophe's red carpet ready: makeup application, makeup lesson, eyebrow/eyelash tint, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extension, and lash tint. Even your fingers and toes get the star treatment with manicures and pedicures, polish change, fills, and full sets available to clients. Walk out of the salon with your skin glowing after you've received your facial and other various skin treatments available at Cristophe's. Hate body hair? You're in luck because full or half leg, bikini, underarm, eyebrow, and lip waxing are available at Cristophe's as well. You can also get a glowing summer tan without the risk of UV damage with Maxx Tan. 

(L to R): Before and After

Both Davis and I left Cristophe in Beverly Hills feeling refreshed and gorgeous, which is no surprise since we had just spent the day in the Mecca of L.A.'s beauty scene. Although the services are a little heavy on the wallet, I highly recommend saving your pennies for a haircut that will have people saying, 'Did you just get your hair done? It looks great!' weeks upon weeks later.

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