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Your skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in your body. It regulates your body temperature, responds to painful and pleasurable stimuli, prevents harmful substances from entering, and provides a shield from the sun's harmful rays. And it can be one of the most challenging beauty and social problems we face. Social because it is right out there for the world to see, if your skin looks good people notice and if it doesn't people not only notice but judge us by our skin.  We've all heard it "you look tired" or  "you seem to be glowing."  Then there are the other observations that can be not so kind and even wounding.  The ones I am speaking about here are the ones that deal with acne. There are those of us who suffered acne as teens that can display not only the psychological scars but the physical scars of this skin disorder.  Then there are those of us who were blessed to not suffer from acne as teens only to be blindsided with it as adults.

There are a myriad of products and supplements, even medications on the market which promise to decrease or even get rid of acne altogether.  I was asked to go to Celibre in Torrance and experience a state-of-the-art remedy for not only active acne but also the scars, which can be caused by the acne.

Celibré in Torrance

The ARAMIS laser which is the first of its kind in Southern California and uses a patented wavelength of laser light that targets the sebaceous glands (ground zero for acne). "Of the hundreds of acne treatments on the market, only one drug, Accutane, targets the sebaceous glands," says Celibre Founder Dr. Harold J. Kaplan, a renowned facial plastic surgeon with over 30 years experience. "But for many, the serious side effects of this powerful drug often outweigh its benefits. The ARAMIS laser is the only drug free option that shrinks the sebaceous glands permanently and kills the bacteria that cause breakouts."

Traditional acne therapies, including oral and topical drugs, often have mixed results. They may have harmful side effects and take a long time to work. In contrast, Celibre uses state-of-the-art laser technology to safely and effectively treat mild, moderate and inflammatory acne. Their lasers combat acne in two ways: they kill the bacteria that cause acne, and they reduce the size of sebaceous glands that produce oil and contribute to clogged pores.

Signs leading you to Celibré

Acne scars are treated in much the same way as fine lines and wrinkles. Both the ARAMIS and Sciton Profile Lasers promote new collagen growth, filling scars from the inside out. Brown and red discoloration left from acne scars are removed using treatments similar to the removal of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. Because the color of acne scars differs in Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and African American skin, Celibre has different lasers to erase discoloration and promote new cell growth to replace a patient's natural skin color.

"Most of our acne patients have already tried a wide variety of acne treatments," adds Kevin DiCerbo, Celibre Marketing Director. "Now patients have a viable option outside of Accutane to treat acne without side effects."

Celibré Reception

I went with my editor to Torrance to see the Celibre offices and experience these laser treatments for ourselves.  The office is inside a mini mall with clearly marked signs all around enabling one to easily find the office. Upon walking into Celibre you are greeted with a clean hip atmosphere.  Impressively decorated in various shades of cream, grey, turquoise and white.  The receptionist desk welcomed us as we stepped inside and were given forms to fill out. We settled ourselves in the white plastic modern chairs in the chilly waiting room. When we complained about the briskness of air we were told that the lasers emitted such heat that the air conditioning had to be kept turned up to keep them cool. So my suggestion is to bring a sweater or you may run the risk of catching a cold.

Celibré Waiting Room

After we filled out our forms Dicerbo who is marketing director and laser safety officer escorted us to a consultation room. The consultation room was as lovely as the waiting room. It turns out that Dicerbo is the creative brain behind Celibre. Several years ago he had a tattoo removed, as it turned out, by a convicted felon, without any anesthesia. This horrid experience made him wonder why there was no trusted name in laser practices.  Dicerbo knew the daughter of Dr. Kaplan and she introduced the two. Dicerbo convinced Dr. Kaplan of the need to have a recognizable name and clinics that could bring trusted laser procedures to the consumer, helping people make improvements to themselves that make them feel better. Out of this Celibre was born and has now expanded to two locations. 

I had the opportunity not to have a full laser treatment but to have them use the laser on my face so I could explain what it felt like. The technician and my editor were adorned darkened goggles and I sported metal eye goggles. For the most part the only sensation I felt was of cold where the guide of the laser touched my skin. The time I did feel the laser was when it went across an active spot of acne and then it felt like an electrical zap to my skin.  I didn't get enough a treatment to be able to give a recommendation as to how well it did for me but I can say that it wasn't painful and only at times was it slightly uncomfortable.

Kevin DiCerbo Celibré Marketing Director.

Dicerbo says that 60- 70 % of their business deals with adult acne care. Whether someone has suffered acne/acne scars all their lives or have adult onset acne, this is becoming a popular alternative to many of the treatments that are available on the market.  Allowing people to celebrate benefits of clearer healthier skin in a shorter period, with no downtime.

Celibre has locations in Torrance and Orange, California. Founded by Dr. Harold J. Kaplan, a renowned board certified facial plastic surgeon with over 30 years experience, with facial plastic surgery and cosmetic lasers. Dr. Kaplan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, and the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University. He has been licensed as a physician in the state of California since 1972.

Celibré Founder Dr. Harold J. Kaplan

In addition to Celibre, Dr. Kaplan also maintains a private practice where he focuses on facial plastic surgery. Previously, he was a clinical associate professor of Surgery at UCLA where he taught facial plastic surgery to resident physicians. He has served as the director of Facial Plastic Surgery at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital.

For more information please visit www.celibre.com or call (800) 754-7500.

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