Breathe Like A Champion- AirAide Breath Enhancing Supplement

AirAide is a new herbal supplement that will drastically enhance the quality of your life. Tom Long, Vice President of Sales explains, “I’m passionate about contributing to people’s health and their well being. That’s what this product is all about”.

AirAide is a formulation of twenty-three herbs, which possess various healing properities. There are three main categories in which these herbs will enhance your breathing capabilities. Ingredients such as peppermint have a vaporizing action on the lungs, allowing them to open and expand further. Other ingredients are classified as expectorants, flushing out any harmful buildup from your lungs. The final category of herbs are anti-inflammatory, these soothe and relax bronchial irritation. All twenty-three herbs work in perfect harmony to perform these three tasks, allowing you to breathe deeper and freer than you ever have.

The formulation used to create this fabulous product was developed over a decade ago by a trained acupuncturist and alternative healer. It was through his successful use of this same formula to treat patients with breathing problems that Long discovered its phenomenal powers. His dedication to bring this product to the public has been enhancing the lives of professional athletes, hikers, skiers, yogis, asthmatics, people with allergies, those trying to quit smoking, Long explains, “this product will help anyone who breathes”.

Professional athletes of all kinds have discovered the incredible effects of AirAide. Benson Cheruiyot, coach of the Kenyan Running Team, is a strong advocate of the product. Ever since he discovered AirAide the entire team has been have been experiencing its benefits. The Winner of this years Boston Marathon, Robert Cheruiyot, is also an AirAide user and supporter.

Benson Cheruiyot

Long stresses that AirAide is completely safe and healthy, it increases endurance and stamina through natural properties. “A lot of products for athletes are caffeinated, full of toxins, forcing the body to do something it’s not supposed to do, and then you crash. This gives you energy from better breathing. Out of twenty-three herbs there are zero stimulants, zero bronchial dilators (such as ephedra), and absolutely no steroids”.

All of the herbs that go into the product are tested for herbicide, pesticide and heavy metals. AirAide has shown excellent results in testing with asthmatics in clinical trials. AirAide is tested to comply with the World Anti-Doping Association. Professional athletes who use AirAide can enjoy their invigorated lung capacity and heightened performance without worrying about repercussions.

You can read more about AirAide or purchase it at
The creators of AirAide highly recommend using the zip code finder feature on their website to find local retailers that carry the product. Long concludes, “It is these local health conscious stores that are at the frontline of peoples well-being”.

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