Blue....the Uber Spa


A futuristic medi-spa is now the rave in the valley

Blue Spa located at the Old La Reina Theater in Sherman Oaks

The anti-aging, skincare craze is so hot, there is something new popping up every week that promises to get rid of wrinkles, age spots, and imperfections. Forget plastic surgery and risky radical procedures. The new direction is the medi-spa and 'blue' in Sherman Oaks is considered the uber spa of the new millennium. After a successful biz with laser hair removal, Ronda Hawara had a calling, to meet the new demands required. Her new facility is a step beyond her previous success 'Light Speed Laser' not only as a fantastic futuristic design, but a new concept in spas. The cutting-edge new services are 'packaged' in a hip, high-tech luxe locale. The concept is so popular; it has become a night spot/spa hangout.


Instead of going to a doctor's office to get state of the art procedures, I prefer to get pampered in an elegant setting under Medical Supervision. Treatments include the finest IPL /Foto Facial equipment, laser hair removal, tattoo and vein removal, as well as Botox, massages, facials, microdermabrasion, peels and even manicures!


Step into Blue and you're out of this world!

My spa experience was 'true-blue'. I entered the futuristic space which is the former home of La Reina Movie Theater in Sherman Oaks and still has the marquis outside. It is an anachronism, to see a movie theater front and a spa interior! Maybe we are all opting to have a high tech/high-touch encounter instead of just going to a movie! The unique design and architecture emits a hue of blue to calm the senses with a hint of an 'alluring club-like setting.' 

Blue is so picture perfect inside... you feel like you're hanging out in a movie set ....circa 2020~

My treatment adventure began with an IPL/Foto Facial, which is an intense pulse light that penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the abnormal pigmentation, like freckles, from too much fun in the sun. The freckles got darker and will be flaking off or fading. This is great for abnormal pigmentation or dilated blood vessels or lesions. I even noticed that a slight scar was diminished after just one treatment. Instead of dermabrasion or cryosurgery, this VersaPulse Aesthetic Laser had much better results. (Without any recovery period). I prefer to do subtle changes rather than anything invasive or harsh. If you're anything like me, you may not enjoy the aftermath of a deep peel or powerful laser.


Blue Spa has such a fun atomosphere, you feel like you're in an art gallery!

The front counter and lounge has a HD TV with great visuals, and is a fun atmosphere for spa parties!~


In addition, I was treated with a hyperbaric O2 (oxygen) facial using an artistic 'airbrush' technique infused with Atopxelene. This is referred to as a 'Dermal Relaxant'. It is a topical alternative to botox. The feeling was so soothing and refreshing, I was a surprised at how effective the treatment was. Without any invasion to the skin layer, this serum infusion was sprayed via the hyperbaric (high density oxygen) to deeply penetrate into the skin. The results were quite good, and helped reduce the little lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial contractions. My most noticeable improvement were the creases around the mouth, which I think is caused by too many 'Ice blended Mochas' that I habitually drink with a straw! If you book a treatment, make sure you have a special event or fun outing after, you will look so good you'll need to show it off!

So, when in LA, you must check out 'blue', the most advanced day spa in the country. Plans are on the drawing board for more locations, but don't wait, stop by and try this amazing uber spa now!

If you are planning a trip to the LA area, make an appointment soon! 818.783.3600


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