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Dr. Gorman Works Her Magic

I’ve recently become fascinated with learning more about alternative medical practices as opposed to traditional western “quick cures” for dealing with such issues as smoking, skin problems and many more common ailments and addictions.  I learned that acupuncture has been shown to help people not only quit smoking but has also assisted people with their plight against alcoholism and drug addiction.  It is a fact that quitting smoking is harder than quitting a heroin addiction, so that tells you what the common long term smoker is up against.  The nicotine becomes one with the blood in their system so smokers don’t just feel like they crave a cigarette but they think that they actually “need” it the way we need food and water to make it through a day.  There have been thousands of quit smoking success stories thanks to Acupuncture.  I’ve always known that celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by acupuncture treatments.   

Madonna and Gywneth are Big Fans of Acupuncture

A special issue that I’ve wanted to resolve for a long time is the erratic behavior of my facial skin.  There are times in the month when my skin is as clear and beautiful as that of a porcelain doll and there are other times in the month when my skin looks like World War III.  Needless to say hormones attributed to the monthly visits from The Crimson Wave are a big factor.  So it always seemed like no matter how much I would adjust my diet, take vitamins or use the best skin creams on the market, I would still break out at the most inopportune times.  I decided that it was time to try acupuncture.  Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice so the fact that it has stuck around for this long must mean that there is something positive that comes from doing it. 

A Client Receives Treatment at Biovisage Clinic


I decided to make an appointment at the Biovisage clinic which specializes in acupuncture to improve skin and to assist with all the common ailments you could imagine.  Biovisage is franchised in several cities throughout the US and I decided to drop into the clinic that is located here in Los Angeles to try this ancient medical practice.  The moment you walk into Biovisage clinic you will be greeted by the lovely Rose Nadali who is the chief operating officer and creative director of the clinic.  There is an air of calm and peace all around the clinic so if it is your first time trying acupuncture and you’re a little bit tense about the prospect of needles that entail acupuncture, you will instantly be put at ease upon entering the office.  After a brief wait in the waiting room, I was introduced to the extremely knowledgeable Dr. Gorman who led me into a dim lit room and asked me questions about my medical history.  I laid down on the medical table and my acupuncture treatment began.  I must admit I was initially a little bit nervous about the prospect of having pins getting stuck into all parts of my body but my nervousness was instantly replaced by calm as Dr. Gorman stuck each needle, which was absolutely painless.  After sticking different points in my body Dr. Gorman let me know that she would return in twenty minutes.  I relaxed to the sounds of classical music playing on the speakers and for twenty minutes I didn’t have a worry in the world.  It was amazing.  I would truly recommend acupuncture to anyone and everyone.  With this first treatment my skin already showed signs of clarity and the texture looked smooth as butter.

An Acupuncture Party

Biovisage early beginnings commenced in 1998 when licensed acupuncturist, Niloufar Gorman, started practicing what soon became the newest and hottest trend for rejuvenation. While working as an acupuncturist, Niloufar Gorman began testing these old world techniques which still remained a secret to the mass population.  Using her own creative approach, Niloufar Gorman began testing a variety of techniques on her current clients. Her results showed that the magnitude of acupuncture, a 5000 year old healing method, was only yet to be discovered. A blaze of excitement spurred as Niloufar Gorman and her enthusiastic clients came to the realization that an actual “facelift” was the standard result of Niloufar Gorman’s treatments.  As demand franticly grew, Gorman set out to create a clinic launched solely for “acupuncture facial rejuvenation.” In 2004, Niloufar Gorman LAC and her younger sister Rose Nadali created their business plan, and shortly thereafter formally launched the Biovisage Clinic and Corporation.

Some of the Human Acupuncture Points Photo courtesy of Fertility Acupuncture Services in Toronto

Biovisage quickly gained media attention while being spotlighted as industry leader on Channel 11, Channel 13, Telemundo, The Daily News, Los Angeles Magazine, Robb Reports and many other publications, websites and shows. Biovisage recent creations include “Acupuncture Parties,” “Facelifts Monthly” Membership Program, and a special DVD release. Today, people in the know, love the services of Biovisage and the company continues to grow mainly on client referrals.

To Make an Appointment Please Call: TEL: (323) 852-0593
Biovisage Acupuncture Clinic
6336 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
For more information please visit Biovisage online. 


Photo orginally published online at Fertility Acupuncture Services in Toronto 


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