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Belle Visage located in Studio City, is not just a spa, it's also a relaxing, beautifying and educational experience.

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Committed to creating a culture of wellness with the goal of making quality skin care a way of life, the owners and aestheticians cater to everyone from celebrities, stay-at home moms and even teens.

Owner/aesthetician Tina K. met Inez Dunst ten years ago when Inez brought her daughter, actress Kirsten Dunst to the spa for regular facials to restore her skin after Kirsten endured hours in the makeup chair while shooting "Interview with a Vampire."  Over the years, Inez became a regular client and friend to Tina K., and soon joined Tina as the co-owner of Belle Visage. 

Belle visage co-ownersTina K. and Inez Dunst

Both Inez and Tina K share the philosophy that a spa visit should not just be about getting in and out as fast as possible - but should instead be an education on how to properly care for and protect one's skin.  "Many people are looking for a quick fix when they first enter a spa," Tina explains.  "But we stress education, prevention and commitment to a common-sense skin care routine that blends the most advanced products and services with a conscientious commitment to health.  We make promises to our clients that we can keep."

Tina has applied this principle in an easy to follow skincare fitness routine she has labeled the Skin Aerobics program.  Skin Aerobics is fitness for the skin, and by following it you can whip your skin into shape in no time.

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As with a fitness regimen, Tina's Skin Aerobics requires a commitment to continuity.  "We now know the best weight loss is a slow and steady one.  It's the same with skincare," explains Tina.  "You can't expect things to change overnight.  You have to be committed to a schedule or a regimen and continuously be in tune to your skin's needs." 

Skin Aerobics is basically circuit training for the skin.  It combines a variety of procedures and techniques with an at-home program that involves carefully combined ingredients and products. "It is easy to throw money down the drain on products and treatments if you don't have an overall strategy or road map," Tina says.  "The key to perfect skin is a combination of technologies and basic skin care that have to be administered regularly."


"At Belle Visage we have everything under one roof, so I can prescribe certain treatments and monitor progress," explains Tina.  But even if you can't visit Belle Visage, you can engage in Skin Aerobics by following a few key principles:

1. Have your at-home routine analyzed by your esthetician.  Find out if there is something that you should change in your daily routine and make sure that you understand what you are doing and why. 

2. Bring all your skin care products to your esthetician to be analyzed.  Ask what the correct way to use the products is and how to incorporate the right new products into your daily routine.

3. Ask your esthetician for a skincare schedule to be made for you.  The schedule should include a list of treatments you need and how often you need them.

4. Make sure that underlying conditions aren't causing problems.  For example, perhaps folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicle, is actually at the root of your breakouts.  If so, a treatment like LamProbe is more appropriate than facials for acne. Lam Probe is ideal for those with acne problems. This extremely effective treatment uses a small dull needle to treat acne conditions fibromas, broken capillaries, blood spots, skin tags and cholesterol deposit.

Teen Spa Party

As part of their commitment to skincare education Belle Visage has developed a teen facial. This educational facial thoroughly cleans the skin and helps teens embark on a lifetime of good skincare by providing facts about what really causes acne and other skin problems. They also have an exciting option of having teen and pre-teen spa parties. Parties include facials, manicures, pedicures and makeovers. They can also include Limo service, lunch and cake for an extra charge

Belle Visage offers high quality skin care treatments, body treatments, massages, facials, nail care, waxing and electrolysis. They also offer a range of non-surgical medical treatments, including Botox, Restylane, Mesotherapy, IPL, Sclerotherapy and Dermaplaning.

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During the first of the year they will be one of the first spas in the area to offer a new revolutionary treatment called the Aluma Skin Renewal Treatment. We are as excited as they are to be introduced to and try out the benefits of this non-invasive treatment that helps fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity.  We'll keep you posted with the full story and our results.

Belle Visage Day Spa
13207 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604
Telephone: (818) 907-050

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