Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care - The Way Hair Was Meant to be Treated

Shampoo comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, but are those suds that they create really doing anything more than making bubbles? Probably not, so Alan Eschenburg created Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care to give you a shampoo that will make sure that your hair and scalp are treated properly and safely while giving you a more natural way to take care of your hair.

Belegenza Rescue Package

What sets Belegenza apart from the rest of the hair care industry is not only what goes into their products, but just as importantly, what does not go into their products. Silicone, paba, parabens, phthalate, petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulfate, now I don’t know about you, but a list like that might make you run to get decontaminated. At the very least, it certainly does not sound like a list of items that I want invading my skin and hair follicles. Sadly, those ingredients are what make up the majority of shampoos and conditioners in some shape or form. Now compare that list to the following; aloe, seaweed: red mapleweed, gulfweed algae and Hawaiian Alge, lemon, beet and coconut, green tea, nettle, rosemary and apple. Well that second group is the clear choice and if it sounds like those are some ingredients you might find in your kitchen there is a very good reason for that.

The team behind Belegenza

Eschenburg extracted the performing molecules of the finest food-grade ingredients and blended them in new ways. This was certainly no easy task, Eschenburg literally had to go into the lab to come up with Belegenza. A chance meeting on an airplance between Eschenburg and a chemist in 2004 led to the creation of the Belegenza hair care line of products. This might sound a bit extreme to create some shampoo, but after years of working in the hair care business, Eschenburg had developed skin problems due to the absorption of a variety of hair care product ingredients into his skin. The only way to come up with a great product that actually worked and was also safe was to do a little chemistry. After all of that hard work, Eschenburg is able to do what he wanted to do, educate people on how to care for your hair and deliver a quality product.

If you want to take away years of damage that has been done to your scalp ,start out by using Belegenza IlLustrious Shampoo and Cleanser. It is not going to happen over night, but this shampoo will get the silicon and other harmful ingredients off of your scalp. After about a month of use, you will find your scalp will be healthier and cleaner and this will help get the circulation going and the hair that is clogged and finally get out. This is a great everyday shampoo, but if you need a little more help due to thinning hair, give the GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener a try. Belegenza added a “vitaminized peptide complex” to the shampoo which targets alopecia, which can affect hair growth. If you combine the cleansing of the scalp, unclogging of pores to go along with stimulation of cell communication and metabolism that promotes follicle anti-aging you will not find any product that does more to bring your hair out of your scalp.


Belegenza Grow Out Shampoo

If you color your hair, well you know just how hard that process is on your hair. Belegenza has come up with the HD Color Perfector to make that experience a little less painless on your hair. You just add the perfector to any coloring process and this will help protect your hair and scalp while also keeping your hair looking vibrant as well as optimizing color molecules to emulate natural pigments. If you color your hair this is a must have.

If you have been coloring your hair for years or your hair is just beat up and worn out, the VirgINity Hair Repair is the best place to get started. The name says it all, as after using this spray-on treatment, your hair will return to a “Virgin” state. One of the best parts of this product is that you only need to use it about once a week to keep your hair shiny and with some extra body.

Belegenza TryMe Pack

You are going to find Belegenza products a bit different than probably anything you ever tried and the most unusual is the PerForm Control Styling Gel. It is a little bit like a firm jelly and at first you might not know how to handle it but trust me not only will you like it, but as with everything else in the Belegenza line, it is far better for your hair than anything you will find in your local store. I found the best way to use this gel is to first get your hands wet, get some gel and then work it between your fingers. Then just apply it to your hair and groom as normal, you are not going to get a pasty or hardening feel of some gels, but you do get a lot of control and a much more natural feel and look. If you are looking for that hardening look and feel to your hair, put on the PerForm Gel for some protection first and then add on whatever else you would normally use and you will have a little piece of mind.

As much as I love the hair products from Belegenza, I have to confess that my favorite product is the Simply Young Skin Tightening Spray. There is almost something magical about this product, I wake up in the morning, was my face and give a few sprays of Simply Young and it has kept my face looking young and even more than appearance, it makes your face feel better. I’m sure it has something to do with the Aloe that Belegenza grows itself and does some magic with it to give your skin an effective dose of nutrition. If you want to keep the face in tact and looking young for as long as possible, I would grab some Simply Young.

If you are looking for a way to bring your hair and scalp back to life while saying to all the detrimental products in your everyday shampoo and conditioner, give Belegenza a try.

For more information on Belegenza and to order products, visit: or check your favorite salon and if they don’t carry it, tell them they would be wise to start doing so.








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