Baxter of California - The First and Finest in Men's Skin Care

Back in 1965 before anyone gave any thought to taking care of a man’s face, Baxter Finley had enough of the California heat and sun beating on his skin and he also had enough of girly moisturizers that were not a solution. The solution for Baxter was to create his own skin care product and 42 years later his Baxter of California men’s product line is still growing and taking care of men’s skin and hair.

In taking care of your face men, we all know it begins with the shave, nothing is more brutal to your skin than sliding a blade across that delicate area. The Baxter Super Close Shave Formula makes sure your face is well cared for. After applying the shave formula, you might actually not want to shave because of the smooth, moisture like feel that it has on your face. But if you don’t, you will miss out on one of the smoothest closest shaves you will ever have. If you look at your bottle, you will be amazed at the number of ingredients that are involved, but clearly every item on the list plays a key part in the shave. Although you might not feel as if you need it with your skin feeling so soft and smooth, the after shave balm will add that little extra to make sure your skin stays in great shape the rest of the day.

Baxter goes beyond your skin and if you are looking to improve your hair, Baxter has a few things for you. The Baxter Daily Protein Shampoo leaves your hair and scalp with a clean crisp feeling. The shampoo along with the conditioner protect against scalp build up caused by styling products, environmental pollutants and toxins that fill the air.

To keep your hair in place no matter what the conditions, the Baxter Clay Pomade is something worth checking out. What sets this clay pomade apart from other hair products is the ease at which it applies to your hair and it also gives your hair a great hold, but does not give you a cement feel or look.

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