– Edward Jimenez Answers Your Hair and Style Questions

Get the answers to your beauty questions from Beverly Hills Hairstylist and Makeup artist Edward Jimenez.  Artistic director to a major hair care company, 34 years in the industry doing Television guest spots, Music Videos and international tours with some of the biggest names in the music industry, qualify him as THE ANSWER MAN. Magazine beauty editors always ask Edward for his view on the latest fashion forward and beauty product direction for next season.

I have learned a lot from my career and find that there are many easy answers to sometimes very difficult beauty problems. Each month I will have RPM’s (Real People Makeovers) to let you see how making the right change can give you a new look that says WOW.

Let’s get started and read some of the following questions.



I have thin lashes and am awful with mascara, I can’t seem to ever get it right, either I apply too much and it looks clumpy, or I smear it everywhere. This is a family curse and we need help.

KC in Pompano Beach ,Fl.

Dear KC,

The applicator is the answer. If you have tried them all there is something new you might want to try. The SPINLASH, The BRUSH SPINS in either direction and spreads the mascara evenly by just holding the round brush end on your lash the unique brush and mascara spin to separate and thicken lashes, you can even use it with the mascara you are using now. Give it a try, worked for me  on photo shoots.

Dyeing for a younger look.

As a Baby boomer I am getting grayer everyday and am finding that this can be a negative in the work place. “Hey old-timer” is a typical  remark I am getting from younger staffers. My Uncle dyed his hair every since I can remember and it always looked like shoe wax. Everyone knew he had dyed it .Can I dye my hair without the shoe polish look?

Tom in Sedona, Az.

Dear Tom,

HAIR DYE FOR MEN are now made just for you. The new shades for men are designed to BLEND GRAY, not just cover it for a more natural look. First consider what percentage is now gray. Check the back of the Product Box to see which color they suggest to achieve the desired shade. The best time to change your color is the day of a hair cut. That way the people around you will not be sure what you have done,  they will just think you look great and younger.

Is Red Dead?

I want to add red shades to my hair but am told that it fades fast and will make my hair look dull and lifeless. It is true?

Maria in La Puente, Ca.

Dear Maria,

Keeping red shades alive and shiny has always been a problem , do not fret. You can now find  SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER designed to maintain your  RED shade longer and help keep it from fading. Using the combo of shampoo and conditioner with color enhancing benefits will make your new RED shade add excitement to an old hairstyle and make you look and feel like a new. There is nothing dull about a beautiful red shade.

Curling Iron curse.

My curling iron is leaving the ends of my Hair dry and frizzy, what can I do.

Jolita in Riverside, Ca.

Dear  Jolita,

Protecting your from HIGH HEAT is very important.  By starting the curling process from the ends of you hair and rolling it up to the ends can leave the ends in contact with the heat longer and cause the drying effect you mention. Try spraying on Heat activated products before you start curling to protect the ends, resulting in more shine and longer lasting curls.  Try the new TOURMERLIN Irons with Ion / mineral protection.

Drying Up in Hawaii,

Since I moved to Hawaii I seem to have flaky dry scalp, what can I do?

Curt, Honolulu, Hi

Dear Curt,

Change of climate can bring on many hair and skin changes. Not always for the better.   Products for DRY HAIR can add more conditioning benefits adding moisture  that may be missing from your hair and scalp. Rinsing your hair after your shampoo with cool to tepid water can also help . HOT WATER can remove the conditioning benefits you just put in leaving your scalp and hair dry and unprotected causing more flaking. DANDRUFF SHAMPOO might also address your condition.

If the flaking persists you may have something more serious the just dry scalp contact a Dermatologist for more advice.

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Dear Ask Edward,

I live in a very windy area and sometimes the static in my hair is unbelievable, what can I do to tone that down before a meeting or dinner date.

Trina, Fontana, California

Dear Trina,

Static in the hair has been a long time problem. Hair has an electrical charge that helps it maintain a smooth shinny condition when it is balanced. Using good shampoos and conditioners made for dry hair can help control your hair on dry windy days. Some new hair tools also promise to help control the static in your hair. But now let me tell you a runway secret. If in a pinch, try using a simple Fabric softener sheet over your hairbrush or comb, and then over your hair when it is styled. This will aid in controlling the dreaded flyaway.
Hope this helps.


Dear Ask Edward,

I live in a very humid environment and find it hard to keep any body in my hair. What can I do?
Sheri, Oahu, Hawaii

Dear Sheri,

Body in the hair is one of the most asked questions of a stylist. There are products designed to maximize hair body, but can make your hair feel stiff and dull. I suggest using a hair dryer along with a light heat activated spray. After you have washed and conditioned, towel dry the hair first. Now spray the heat activated product at the base of your hair and a few inches out. If you place too much on the ends it could weigh down your hair. Using your hair dryer begin drying your hair, directing the nozzle  at least 12 inches away from each section to avoid over heating your hair, leaning forward and drying from back to front will also help speed up the drying process. Now style as usual. Using a round brush will help you style in the body. Adding Velcro rollers to a few sections will add that extra body you are looking for. Finish drying and shaping the rest of your hair, starting at the nape and working your way up, section by section. The rollers at the crown can now be removed, brushing your hair with a brush that has fewer bristles will help keep in the body and give your hair that natural sexy look.


Dear Ask Edward,

How can I stop my make up from looking thick and flaky?

Shirley from Winnipeg,

Dear Shirley,

Makeup comes in so many textures and qualities today. The choices are endless. First you must analyze your skin type. If you are trying to cover up discoloration or acne scars we tend to apply too much makeup and without properly preparing the skin.

First wash your skin with a gentle cleanser selected for your skin type, dry / oily / or normal skin.  Rinse with water several times to eliminate any excess cleanser. Using a toner for your skin type, prepare the skin for a moisturizer. Use it lightly and spread it all over your face and neck. If you use too much, your skin will feel wet and tacky. If this happens use a tissue to gently remove excess.

Use a concealer on the problem areas to cover dark circles or discoloration. Now contour any areas that you want to reshape. Remember, light shades will accent and highlight, dark shades will tone down an area that you want to make stand out less, like the jaw line. Now blend.  Apply your foundation with an even light coverage. Add blush and finish with an anti shine powder. Lipstick is redder this season, but remember to wear the appropriate shade for work and add lip-gloss in the evening for an attention getting look. Hope this answers your question.


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