Anti-Aging Medicine, Your Ticket to Achieving Inner and Outer Beauty

Dr. Ernest Rhett Jabour has been involved in the medical field for over twenty years. He has made it his personal mission to bring the facts about Anti-aging medicine to everyone. He is a certified physician with the American Board of Internal Medicine, as well as being a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine. In the past few years he has devoted his practice to spreading knowledge and access to medical practices that will enliven and prolong your life through simple nutritional changes, a healthy lifestyle, and the revolutionary practice of liposculpture.

Dr. Rhett specializes in Tumescent Liposculpture. How is liposcuplture different than liposuction, you might ask? It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done with local anesthetic, while the patient is still awake. Tiny instruments and incisions are used to drastically reduce trauma and pain from the procedure. Dr. Rhett explains, “In a cosmetic procedure you shouldn’t suffer risks”, liposculture offers you that opportunity.

Liposculpture is not the only way Dr. Rhett strives to offer his patients a new outlook on life. He also specializes in hormone replacement therapy. A patient at the Southwest Liposculpture & Anti-aging Center can expect a full diagnostic reading of their hormone levels and lifestyle choices. According to Dr. Rhett, “We try and find the root cause of people’s problems. A good place to start is to assess hormone levels, are they declining? With hormone replacement you can normalize their underlying problems, such as, arthritis, depression, and fatigue. Hormone deficiencies underlie most diseases.”

At the Center not only will you find the latest technology in the art of hormone replacement but also guidance in making simple changes to maximize your health. “We look for nutritional deficiencies, and help plan minimal lifestyle changes that offer extraordinary results.” Dr. Rhett is extremely dedicated to helping you increase your vitality and prolong your life. He passionately accounts, “You can take a person who is severely over weight, give them hormone replacement that will boost their metabolism, can lose 15-30 lbs in as little as 23-40 days, this weight loss can add years to your life. Add in a healthy diet, liposculpt the residual fat pockets and that person has become completely healthy from the inside out, achieving total beauty and health.”

In his eagerness to share his knowledge of hormone replacement therapy with the world, Dr. Rhett has put out an e-guidebook on testosterone replacement for men, “ Understanding Testosterone”. He claims, “Testosterone deficiency is one of the most under-treated ailments, misunderstood even by the medical profession.” Once a man’s testosterone levels start to decrease they have a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, as well as depression. Dr. Rhett’s e-book will inform men in ways to increase strength and vitality, increase sexual function, and reduce risk of disease. He is currently working on a companion book for women. He hopes couples will find these two e-books a valuable tool “so they can enhance their lives together as a team, enhance health, vitality, and sexuality, as one.”

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