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When it comes to being “Green” these days, some people talk it, some people do it and then there is Alo and not only do they live it as a company, but they wear and they are here to let you wear it as well with their fitness apparel line of clothing.

Alo Hoodie

Now while most people want to be “Green” and are trying to do things that are environmentally friendly, you have a tendency to wonder what is going to be different, is it going to be not as good as before, will it be more expensive, what is going to change for you? With Alo, they made sure that the change will do you good. They have created a fitness line that simply is more comfortable than anything on the market. What you are going to find in the Alo wear is a much lighter and smoother feel than your typical sporting goods store wear. Well obviously the lighter feel is advantageous to any activity and the smoother feel simply put is amazingly comfortable and the material really makes your movements more fluid. It might be mind over matter, but with lighter feeling apparel and the fact that it does not wear you down once you start to perspire; you actually have a desire to work out longer.

Alo Track Jacket

When it comes to the creation of a particular garment, you would tend to think it is just some material stitched together and not give it much thought. Alo decided to actually give it a lot of thought and they have a science behind their madness when it comes to sportswear. Alo has really put science to work as it makes sure that everything you could want is wrapped up on its clothes.

ALO, named for the elements that we live within: air, land and ocean.
The science behind ALO is what sets them apart from others:
Coolfit™ - this draws moisture away from you, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable.
Antimicrobial Treatment – prevents the increase of bacteria and keeps clothes odor free.
Stretchflex™ - allows for greater freedom of movement.
Bamboo – naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable with no chemicals
Recycled Polyester – this comes from recycled bottles.
Certified Organic – these fabrics come from 100% organic natural fibers that utilize sustainable production methods.
Windproof – prevents wind from penetrating the garment, allowing you to keep warm.
Water Resistant – helps shed water on the outer surface to help you stay dry.
Anti-Pilling – this leads to longer lasting wear with minimal pilling.

In terms of what they offer, Alo has something for every type of workout. They have great outfits for those of you into yoga or any other fitness classes, they have great apparel for men who want to shoot some hoops and if you want to go outside, well this is where Alo really shines. The technology really lets you get through the elements. Now that fall is upon us, don't let the weather keep you from hitting the trails or the track, as the Alo jackets will brave the weather for you. Alo has added some great new jackets that not only will keep the rain and wind off of you, but will also keep you warm as that brisk morning air wakes you up.

If you are looking for something to wear to the gym or to workout anywhere, Alo not only provides you with the best in technology when it comes to sportswear, but if you are green, Alo will make you feel good about what you are wearing.

For more information on Alo products and how you can help the environment, visit:

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