Adidas - Accessorizing Your New Years Resolution

It is that time of the year. Time to make that resolution to drop a few pounds and get back in shape. You might join a gym, hit the local track or just dust off some old exercise equipment. Whatever you choose to do, if you want to achieve your goals while exercising in comfort Adidas has come up with some fabulous items to do help you do just that.

The vented ClimaCool Adidas hat

To keep the sweat off your brow and to keep the hair out of your face, you probably throw your favorite sports teams’ hat on your head before you start your workout. By the end of the workout your hat is likely to be drenched in sweat and well, to put it nicely, it might have that workout aroma to it. You might not think there is a whole lot out there to cure that problem, but Adidas has really put some serious thought and creativity into its line of hats. For those of you that sweat a great deal or just feel that heat from your head locked in underneath your hat, the RPM ClimaCool Cap is really going to amaze you. The best feature has to be the ClimaCool mesh panels, this really allows the heat to escape and lets your head breathe, making for a much more comfortable workout. In addition the ClimaLite fabric helps absorb your sweat and the X-Static Silver fiber headband provides the strongest antimicrobial available and helps regulate temperature. The RPM ClimaCool Cap will make you throw all your old worn, dirty and tired hats into the trash can. Addidas also offers the Teknik Cap, which is more along the lines of the typical baseball hat when it comes to appearance. The difference is that this hat is very lightweight and has the A-flex stretch fit that makes it very comfortable to wear and will fit you know matter what size you are. This hat also does a marvelous job when it comes to keeping your head cool, as this hat uses the AlwaysCool moisture wicking technology to help you stay dry and comfortable as you are working out.

Adidas hat and head band

The other forgotten item that seems to be an afterthought is your socks. Again Adidas went far beyond what your normal white athletic sock does for you. The Formation Running Zone Socks started off by doing something that just makes common sense, they created a sock for your left foot and one for your right. These anatomically shaped socks work with the natural shape of your foot and enhance the movement as well. In addition they have just added a few things that will make you not focus on your feet. These socks feature zoned cushioning for the Achilles, foot and toe; once again they use the ClimaLite to help keep your feet dry and it also reduces athlete’s foot. They feature the antimicrobial technology as well as mesh panels for cooling and arch compression for extra support. This probably sounds like a lot to put into a sock, but if you don’t have to think about something, such as a bunched up sock or sweaty feet, it allows you to stay focused on your workout.

The carry-everything Ultra Tech Adidas gym bag

To get you and your gear to the gym or wherever you are going, Adidas has come up with the Ultra Tech Gym Bag that is so much more than your typical bag. This bag is loaded with compartments so you have room for everything, they have even put in a special media pocket with a headphone portal to allow you to easily get to your listening device. In addition to keep your bag fresh, Adidas added a ventilated shoe tunnel and anti-microbial lining, you aren't going to have to worry about carrying that gym smell home with you anymore.

Sometimes it is the things that you don’t think about that make the difference in whether you succeed in achieving those fitness goals you have set for yourself. Adding Adidas to your workout could very well give you that little edge to help you reach those goals.

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