Yellow Fever Restaurant Review – Bringing you all the Fabulous Flavors of Asia

Since opening their first location in Torrance, California in December of 2013, Yellow Fever has experienced nothing but success, which has been well earned. They have now opened a new location in Venice, California in hopes of providing more people with their unique Asian cuisine experience.

Yellow Fever Interior (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

Executive Chef Kelly Kim, who is also one of the founders of Yellow Fever, believes that food is about balance; if you are going to have something that is fried you should have some vegetables. The idea of balance is exuded perfectly in their menu. They offer everything from delicious bowls with grilled chicken breast to sweet potato fries. If you have a craving, Yellow Fever has it covered.

3 Lil Pigs (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

At Yellow Fever they offer a high-quality Asian-cuisine experience. You can choose from a variety of bowls and customize it however you choose. Not only are the bowls customizable, but they are also delicious.  The Shanghai bowl is a favorite among visitors, this bowl consists of perfectly prepared braised natural pork belly, sautéed onions, bok choy, Asian slaw, shiso and kung pow sauce. The Bangkok, Tokyo and Seoul bowls like the Shanghai offer so much flavor and are each unique from each other. 

Bangkok Bowl (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

The sweet potato fries are a must try for anyone dining in a Yellow Fever. They are not your ordinary sweet potato fries; they are served with banana ketchup. After you try the banana ketchup you will never want to use regular ketchup again. Banana ketchup is simply; ketchup, banana and srircacha. The ingredients are simple but the taste is one that you will not forget. 

Ugly Egg Rolls (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

Along with the sweet potato fries the ugly egg rolls are another item worth experiencing. Do not let the name ugly egg roll steer you away because they may look ugly but the taste is the only thing you will remember.  A restaurant that can call something on their menu ugly is definitely a unique one. Clearly the people at Yellow Fever have a sense of humor and want your experience to be not only a delicious one but a fun one.

Tokyo Bowl (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

At Yellow Fever there is something for everyone. The menu is customizable to gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian and with such a friendly staff you will feel more than comfortable asking about these options. On top of offering amazing Asian cuisine the service is impeccable, you could not ask for more, amazing food and amazing service.

Chef Kelly (Courtesy Yellow Fever)

Yellow Fever may have a negative stigma behind it but this place will definitely change that for those who dine in because to the owners it means something very different. “ Yellow Fever means to be yourself, be yellow, love everything Asian, be OK with being Asian and embracing who you are”- Kelly Kim. 

For more information visit: Yellow Fever

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