Yard House Holiday Menu - Celebrate with a Season of Flavors

Yard House has went all out this holiday season with a feast worthy lineup of food, cocktails and their very own signature beer from Rogue Brewery. Whether it is for a holiday party, to catch some football or just to have a family dinner, this is one seasonal menu not to miss.

Yard House Executive Chef Carlito Jocson once again brings together fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes with a new twist that Chef Carlito always brings to his menu. Yard House gives you a multitude of seasonal dishes, a seemingly endless lineup of beers, handcrafted cocktails and sweet treats like the banana berry bum macadamia nut crumble. You are likely going to have to visit Yard House a few times to experience it all.

Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Mac n' cheese has become a bit of a delicacy as chefs try to take this comfort classic food to an otherworldly experience. Chef Carlito created a lobster mac n' cheese that does just that. Originally only Offered once as part of a special Valentine’s menu, take advantage of the fact that this tasty dish has returned. The combination of melted cheddar and parmesan cheese are enough to give you that rich and flavorful mac n' cheese that you love, but Yard House did not stop there. Drizzle on some truffle oil, add some tender pieces of lobster but then the dish is taken to a whole new level with the combination of sundried tomatoes, asparagus, and fried wild mushrooms. The vibrant and freshness of the vegetables provide a stark comparison to all the other rich flavors creating a wealth full of flavor in each bite. This is a great dish for dinner, but the better way to go is to get it as an appetizer and let the entire table enjoy this creative dish.

Maui pineapple chicken

Yard House takes chicken, which can often be unmemorable, and turns into to something truly in the form of Maui pineapple chicken. The chicken is marinated for two days in a bath of soy sauce, garlic, ginger and brown sugar, which not allows allow of those flavors to permeate into the chicken, but it also creates some of the most tender chicken you will ever taste. The chicken is then topped with grilled fresh pineapple and a side of pineapple sauce, the unique combination of the sweet flavors gives this dish a fantastic island feel to it. Another sweet and savory holiday dish Yard House came up with is the apple cider brined pork chop. The grilled chop comes with a red apple honey sauce to give you that sweet and savory experience once again and then it is served with great seasonal fresh vegetables, caramelized Brussels sprouts and roasted butternut squash simmered in brown butter.

Za’atar Crusted Salmon

To go with the new dining menu for winter, Yard House beverage manager Gregory Howard infused classic cocktails with fall and winter flavors. The Brown Sugar Old Fashioned is the epitome of the classic cocktail but is completed with house-made brown sugar syrup to give the Bulleit Rye Whiskey just a hint of sweetness. If you are a fan of mules, you simply have to try the Rum Pumpkin Mule version that Yard House created. It starts with one of the best rums around, Zaya 12-year Estate Rum, then you get a sweet treat with Monin Pumpkin Pie Syrup and it is finished with off with the refreshing house-made ginger beer creating a truly flavorful cocktail. A little more festive and geared towards a New Year's celebration is the Ruby Sparkler. You will feel like celebrating with the fluted glass that contains; Zardetto Prosseco, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a splash of Framboise, light, refreshing and fun.

Brown Sugar Old Fashioned

Banana Berry Rum Macadamia Nut Crumble

While the menu and mixology program at Yard House are always flavorful and memorable, Yard House has created a destination for the beer connoisseur and they are paying tribute to that long history this season with a signature beer from Rogue Brewery. Since the very first Yard House opened in 1996 they have always dedicated at least one tap handle to Rogue Brewery and to celebrate that relationship, Rogue and Yard House teamed up to create the limited-release Rogue Spruce Tip IPA, which is currently on tap at all Yard House locations. The Yard House team went to Oregon and the Rogue Brewery to create this beer that has hints of citrus, spruce and fruit on the nose then rolls into the solid caramel malt flavor mid-palate and a nice clean finish. While this has a great IPA flavor, those who are not as initiated into the IPA world this is a great starter. It is a little more subtle and really does a great job of allowing your taste buds to gradually walk through the taste experience.

Rogue Spruce Tip IPA

Yard House does an amazing job of making sure that each area restaurant has a local feel in addition to lengthy lineup of national beers. LA Live will give you a great sense of the growing beer landscape in Los Angeles, Brea gives an Orange County feel and Newport Beach takes you into the world of San Diego brewing. San Diego is home to countless amazing breweries and the Newport Beach Yard House brings some great flavors to you including; Pizza Port, Modern Times, Alpine Duet, Green Flash, Stone Xocovesa and Coronado Brewing Company. The great bar staff always provides perfect insight to every beer and if you still aren't sure, the six pack sampler is the way to go.

Gina at Yard House Newport Beach

Yard House is loaded with flavors from the tap, to cocktail glass and all the way to the kitchen, which makes it a perfect place to celebrate this holiday season, whether a private party or meeting up with friends for happy hour. Food and drink go a long way in making the event, but the setting and first class staff will make you and your party feel like Yard House is hosting you at their home as opposed to the typical restaurant experience.

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