Veggie Grill Restaurant Review – Mindful Living Menu is Full of Goodness and Flavor

Veggie Grill has become the leader on the west coast when it comes to creating a menu that is not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty. But never one to rest on their laurels, Veggie Grill went back to the kitchen to create again and this time they came up with their “Mindful Living” menu. This menu consists of nine dishes that live up to the Veggie Grill taste standard and they all are high in protein, nutrient dense, energy packed and amazingly under 600 calories.

Just in case you were not aware and the taste can be deceiving in a good way, the Veggie Grill menu is created from 100% plant based food, you are never going to find meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat in anything on the menu. The easiest taste test I would suggest would be for you to order the wings. If you were blindfolded and had to choose against a regular wing, you would have a tough choice. This meatless wing that tastes so good that the only thing missing is the game on the big screen tv, so just get a couple of orders go and take home to share with friends. A perfect texture, a fabulous chicken wing taste and a sauce that has a great wing sauce bite to it and of course no bones!

b.t.l.a. sandwich

The mindful living menu allows you to actually order your food and eat and not have to think to much, other than what delicious Veggie Grill entrée you are going to eat. The Mindful Living menu allows you to order to grab something on the go with the knowledge that each dish is packed with great tasting vegetables, grains and nuts. While being incredibly healthy, the great flavor that have come to expect from Veggie Grill is in every dish.

Veggie Grill created the b.t.l.a. and it simply is almost as perfect a sandwich as you can find when you factor in taste and healthiness. Coming in at only 469 calories and sitting on sourdough bread, this sandwich is loaded with goodness beginning with smokey tempeh bacon, which might not be bacon, but in this sandwich it is pretty darn close. From their you add on; sliced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro pesto, tossed arugula, aioli mayo providing with a rich flavor that still gives you that healthy and refreshing feel to it. If you are a sandwich person, this is perfect you and a great addition to any lunchtime.

banh mi salad

If you needed one meal to sustain you for an entire day my first choice would be the Latin Living bowl. You are going to be hard-pressed to find a bowl or any meal for that matter that packs into it all of the powerful ingredients that the Latin Living bowl does. The carrots are amazing and trying to get one in every bite is worth the effort as you are likely to never have experienced carrots with so much flavor. They are marinated for 48 hours and then given a beautiful char as they are fire roasted before reaching your bowl. The rest of the bowl is filled with; seasoned black beans, avocado chunks, tomato corn salsa, jalapenos, red pepper sauce with supergrains. Simply one of those meals that leaves you feel better for having eaten it and it comes in at only 484 calories to go along with 15 grams of  protein.

Latin Living Bowl

If you like curry, you are going to love the Bombay bowl. Once you get your bowl take a deep breath and just savory the incredible aroma that permeates  from this dish, the scent is almost as potent as the flavor of the food itself. The sauce makes this dish as the composition of the cilantro and green curry sauce with coconut milk gives you a nice amount of heat and certainly leaves no doubt about this dish being pure curry. Mix in the herb-roasted vegetables, supergrains, steamed kale and cannellini beans and you might have just found your new favorite curry dish. Veggie Grill took on curry and succeeded nicely, so onto the next challenge which is bringing guests to the world of tofu. Not an easy task, tofu is loved by some, but others are scared off by just hearing the name. The banh mi salad will quickly win any doubters over with the tasty organic tofu pressed and glazed cubes. I would say this would likely be the most well prepared tofu I have ever had as it the cube shapes hold up extremely well, firm on the inside and then it is given a slight hint of sweetness with the glaze. Although this works great with the salad that is highlighted with charred eggplant and a bed of quinoa and marinated kale, I certainly could see the tofu become a dish unto itself at some point it is that good.

Bombay Bowl

If you have not been to Veggie Grill in a while or this will be your first visit, you really are going to be taken aback by how wide ranging the menu is. Long gone are the days of a veggie burger, this menu really tells you if you can order it in any other restaurant, you can find it at Veggie Grill. The big difference being that what you eat at Veggie Grill not only tastes great, but it is great for your body with the combination of it being plant based food and creating a cleaner protein, the high fiber you will find and just the great nutritional value.

Veggie Grill once again proves that eating healthy does not have to mean that you have to give something. Creating alternatives to dishes that you know and love is the genius behind Veggie Grill and somehow they manage to keep creating masterpieces that are slowly start to revolutionize the way that people eat. The Mindful Living menu is just one more example of this, but it doesn’t matter what you try off of the Veggie Grill menu, after one visit you are sure to be hooked and that not only means tasty food for you, but a healthier lifestyle.

Mindful Mash-Up

To help celebrate the new Mindful Living menu items, Splash Magazines Worldwide is giving five lucky readers each two certificates for entrees at Veggie Grill. So if you have not tried Veggie Grill before, you can try the strawberry arugula salad or tacos and if you are a Veggie Grill fan you can order up your all-time favorite dish.  Whatever you order if you have not been to Veggie Grill before be prepared to be stunned, as you will leave Veggie Grill full, satisfied and in disbelief that healthy food can taste this amazing.

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The contest is open to residents in California, Oregon and Washington. The winners will be chosen from all valid entries on February 28th, 2015. The decision by Splash Magazines Worldwide on all contests is final.

For more information and locations visit Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill also recently created their own mobile app which will only enhance your dining experience. Not only do you earn points towards free food, but you can order online and there is a nutrition calculator and the loyalty rewards add up quickly so download it before your next visit!

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