Veggie Grill Restaurant Review – The Freshest and Most Flavorful Ingredients of Spring

When Veggie Grill goes into the kitchen to create something new, they always do it right. Veggie Grill just recently welcomed some new spring items that will wow you the way the rest of the menu does by taking some of the freshest local ingredients and putting them together in their usual creative way that has Veggie Grill fans addicted to their menu.

Just in case you were not aware and the taste can be deceiving in a good way, the Veggie Grill menu is created from 100% plant based food, you are never going to find meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat in anything on the menu. The easiest taste test I would suggest would be for you to order the wings. If you were blindfolded and had to choose against a regular wing, you would have a tough choice. This meatless wing that tastes so good that the only thing missing is the game on the big screen tv, so just get a couple of orders go and take home to share with friends. A perfect texture, a fabulous chicken wing taste and a sauce that has a great wing sauce bite to it and of course no bones!

Strawberry arugula salad

When it comes to the spring menu, you will want to hurry over to Veggie Grill to make sure you get a chance to enjoy them while you can. The strawberry arugula salad is not only the best item on this seasonal menu, but it is also one of the best salads you will find anywhere. This salad is just a whirlwind of flavors; each bite takes you in a different direction. It all begins with the freshness of the wild arugula and baby spinach that is complimented with locally grown organic strawberries and it is all topped off with light strawberry vinaigrette that is brought to life with the rich and flavorful almond ricotta. That is not all, you will also get a fantastic trio of flavors from the roasted salted pecans, pomegranates and grilled asparagus and then if that wasn’t enough you will find red onion, yellow beets and micro greens. You get a fantastic texture and then sweet, salty, rich, if you can think of the flavor, it is in this salad.

Fish Tacos

To combat the blistering California heat Veggie Grill created its own strawberry parfait. The face that Veggie Grill again uses locally grown organic strawberries really gives this a fresh flavor and there is no denying how ripe and sweet the strawberries are. You will love the richness of the VG-crema and my favorite part is how the entire parfait engulfs the mint to provide just a subtle hint to make this really refreshing and uniquely flavored.

Mac n' Cheese

If you have not been to Veggie Grill in a while or this will be your first visit, you really are going to be taken aback by how wide ranging the menu is. Long gone are the days of a veggie burger, this menu really tells you if you can order it in any other restaurant, you can find it at Veggie Grill. The big difference being that what you eat at Veggie Grill not only tastes great, but it is great for your body with the combination of it being plant based food and creating a cleaner protein, the high fiber you will find and just the great nutritional value.

Crab Cake Burger

You of course can find a great burger at Veggie Grill but that is just the beginning. The Crab Cake burger has a fantastic crab flavor to it to go along with the crispness that you if you like crab cakes you love and this is probably the biggest crab cake you will ever come across. If you are looking for something to please the kids, you can’t go wrong with the nachos or mac n’ cheese. The mac n’ cheese will be a favorite among kids and adults as it is loaded with rich and thick cheese and you can easily compare this to any mac n’ cheese you would find in any restaurant, but you aren’t likely to find anyone else using organic quinoa pasta. My personal favorite is the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ sandwich, which tastes so good that will insist it is real chicken. This is just the perfect chicken sandwich, so tender on the inside while keeping that great crispy crunch on the exterior and then the fresh avocado and the spicy vegan mayo just take the flavor to another level. The spicy vegan mayo really is a must for almost anything on the menu!


It is hard to go wrong with the legendary carrot cake that Veggie Grill has created to finish off your meal, but as it is with everything else on the menu Veggie Grill never stops creating and this time putting together a truly decadent over the top dessert must have been on the list of things to do. They pulled off that in a big way with the grilled cookie which takes the hand-crafted Veggie Grill chocolate chip cookie which is warmed on their griddle and then topped with chocolate pudding, VG-crema and chocolate sauce. One bit says pure chocolate and pure indulgence. This is such a treat that you might just pop into Veggie Grill just to order this.

Grilled Cookie

To help celebrate the new spring menu items, Splash Magazines Worldwide is giving five lucky readers each two certificates for entrees at Veggie Grill. So if you have not tried Veggie Grill before, you can try the strawberry arugula salad or tacos and if you are a Veggie Grill fan you can order up your all-time favorite dish.  Whatever you order if you have not been to Veggie Grill before be prepared to be stunned, as you will leave Veggie Grill full, satisfied and in disbelief that healthy food can taste this amazing.

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The contest is open to residents in California, Oregon and Washington. The winners will be chosen from all valid entries on June 13th, 2014. The decision by Splash Magazines Worldwide on all contests is final.

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