The Veggie Grill - Making Summertime Healthy and Tasty

In a country filled with fast-food drive throughs and half-pound burger appetites, is there any hope to fill our empty bellies with something, anything that is satisfying and tasty, yet healthy? The Veggie Grill is the answer to that question and after giving a “marinated veggie protein blend” a try, you might be surprised to find that you truly enjoy the answer.

In past years a soy substitute, tofu or veggie burger probably made you cringe, but three astute businessmen took a healthy idea and turned it on its head by taking the time to find some amazing tastes that will satisfy your taste buds as well as your hunger, while filling your body with truly healthy items, ranging from salads, soups, sandwiches to desserts.

Uptown Nachos

The recipe for The Veggie Grill came from two successful businessmen, Kevin Boylan and T.K. Pillan. The pair were looking for a restaurant that allowed the customer to enjoy some great tasting food, while at the same time making your dining experience healthy. Enter the third member of their party, Ray White. White was the co-founder of Native Foods, a very successful vegan chain of restaurants, and was exactly what Boylan and Pillan who looking for to perfect the Veggie Grill menu. The ability to spare no expense and having the expertise in developing a menu has brought their vision to life.

Beef Barley Soup

The Veggie Grill continues to expand the number of restaurants in their chain with the latest beautiful location being in Long Beach. At the same time they continue to grow the menu. The latest additions to the menu are the homestyle plates. Venturing away from the sandwich and salad items which make up the core of The Veggie Grill menu, these are more complete sit down type meals. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to a typical fried chicken meal, the Crispy Chickin’ Plate was created or you. The chickin’ itself lives up the name crispy as each bite you take will give you a crunch while still letting you take in the great chicken taste and still having a light and clean taste to it, not the typical greasy flavor that you get with this type of chicken. The Veggie Grill makes this a complete and hearty by adding cauliflower-mashed potatoes and a serving of their famous steamin’ kale. Not only do the cauliflower mashed potatoes taste perfect, the porcini mushroom gravy takes the flavor to another level. This plate of food is not only going to leave you completely fool, it is a bargain at $9.95. The Veggie Grill also has a Blackened Chickin’ Plate and the gluten free Urban Plate, which features a blackened tempeh-carmelized onion-portebello mushroom stack.

Carne Asada

Most people when they are looking for a sandwich tend to choose some type of hamburger or chicken concoction and The Veggie Grill has you covered in both areas. At first thought a veggie burger might not sound appetizing, but your opinion will change after your first bite of the V-burger. This marinated and grilled veggie-steak burger not only has the texture and feel of a hamburger, but the taste will leave you asking yourself how did they do that. If you are looking for a little kick to your sandwich, get the Chipotle BBQ, if you are a fan of barbeque sauce, grills, and a lot of flavor, this is the sandwich for you.


These sandwiches all contain no animal products, trans-fats, cholesterol or other harmful ingredients that are present in a lot of food that is out there. The Veggie Grill also offers a wide-variety of chicken sandwiches, again combining great taste and that meat like texture that will bring you so close a real chicken sandwich, the small difference will be worth the vast difference in healthiness.

Crispy Chickin' Plate

If you are looking for something beyond the sandwiches, no need to worry, The Veggie Grill has plenty of other options. A great way to start off your meal is one of the great soups that are offered. They change the soup on a daily basis, so as with everything on the menu, it is fresh. The varieties range from a hearty corn chowder, to chicken gumbo or chicken noodle, but mark your menu down for the days they serve the beef barley, as good as any five-star restaurant version. The other can’t miss on the menu is the sweetheart fries. The French fries healthy brother, these sweet potato fries give you just hint of sweetness, while still giving you that crisp and salty French fry flavor to it and don’t forget to dip them in the Veggie Grill’s addicting chipotle ranch sauce, you will never look at ketchup the same. Finally if you really want to put The Veggie Grill to the test, try the Uptown Nachos. Using the VG-Cheese and soy cream, you will not be able to tell the difference, these are all nacho.

Adding to the list of surprises at The Veggie Grill was the fabulous desserts. Desserts that are made free of dairy, cholesterol and refined sugar, surely you are taking all of the fun out of dessert aren’t you? Once again The Veggie Grill will shock your taste buds with a carrot cake that you would think was one of the most fattening treats in all of California.

If you are looking for a picnic alternative to the same boring sandwiches or burger, call up The Veggie Grill and place your order to go. You will not only truly love all the flavors that The Veggie Grill has created, but with the healthy menu you will have more energy to get in some swimming or volleyball as opposed to lying down on your blanket for a nap.
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