The Oven Restaurant Review - A Big Taste of New York in L.A.

Tossing the term New York Style pizza with any Pizzeria is as commonplace as tossing the accompanying pizza dough in the air. Just having the description is not enough, you have to provide the flavors and the vibe that you will find in New York to convince even Californians that you are serving up this authentic and unique pizza style and The Oven in Torrance has done just that.

The Oven took the time to get it right when they put that first pizza pie in the oven, a perfect crust, fresh ingredients and inventive and flavorful pizzas are what set this restaurant apart from your typical cookie cutter pizza restaurant. Just looking at the menu will get your taste buds going as you will find pizzas topped with zucchini, gouda, gorgonzola, alfredo sauce, the combinations seem endless. Even better are the names, how could pass up a Goodfella with all of the famous Italians on the wall of The Oven. This pizza has grilled chicken, smoked gouda, red onion and cilantro and after a quick six minutes in the oven, you could be folding a piece of this pizza like you were in New York yourself. I would suggest the New York New York, the name really says it all, bringing you a true East Coast flavor with spicy salami, gorgonzola and bacon. The thiness of the crust allows you to really take in all of the flavors of the pizza and the sauce is just a light layer so you get that rich tomato flavor but just enough to complete the perfect blend of flavors.

In addition to the thin crust Neapolitan round pizza, The Oven prepares another unique taste of New York with the fried calzone. Most pizzerias have a version of the calzone but they all tend to be oven baked, The Oven takes the calzone to another level of taste by deep frying their version. Just imagine how the cheese is melted inside of a mozzarella stick and then add an assortment of ingredients and you have yourself a deef fried calzone. You will never go back to the baked version after one bite.

The Oven also has some amazing pasta, including varying versions of baked rigatoni, spaghetti and they also serve up baked lasagna, baked ziti and fettuccini alfredo. The alfredo sauce might throw you off at first as it is not the typical white looking sauce, it has an understated color that almost blends in with the pasta but the reason is that this not a typical alfredo sauce. Made with four cheeses, you not only get a different look but you also get a much richer flavor. Pair that dish with the garlic bread knots that are cooked with olive oil and parmesan and you have yourself one authentic Italian meal.

The success of any pizzeria is all about what comes out of the oven and the customers that not only come back time and time again but also sing the praises of the restaurant. In a short period of time The Oven has already produced a New York Style pizza that will lead to their customers singing “That’s Amore.”

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