The Halal Guys – Introducing Southern California to American Halal Flavors

The Halal Guys took Mediterranean flavors and perfected their process over 25 years that began with a food cart in New York. Their food has developed such a fan base that now they are greeted with long lines outside of each new restaurant that they open.

The Halal Guys really invented “American Halal” food, which is a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. If you have never tried these flavors because you aren’t familiar with them or you are a little scared of what to expect, I can relate. Before coming to The Halal Guys I was way too afraid to try gyro meat (this new type of food to me) because I thought I would waste a great deal of money at expensive places on food I might not even like. But The Halal Guys is definitely a great place to maybe try something new at an affordable price. If you have tried similar food before you will love what Halal Guys offer and you will be amazed at the value you get for your dollar. This is fast food, but unlike your typical fast food restaurant, this is fresh and flavorful food that will leave you satisfied.

Fast Food Fresh

If you are curious to see how Halal Guys prepares your food you will love their restaurants as the food is cooked and prepped right in front of you. You will find it similar to a Chipotle style restaurant where you see what you’re getting and you tell them how you want it prepared so you get exactly what you ordered. Simply put, you create your own dish.

You can choose from a platter, if you are really hungry or for a little lighter dinner that will allow you to enjoy the rest of the menu, go with a sandwich. The platter that will best allow you to experience the American Halal flavor is to go with chicken and gyro meat combination. The portion size was unbelievable, but unlike most places The Halal Guys give you equal amounts of everything in the platter, so there was a great deal of meat which surprised me because most places tend to skimp on the portion size of the meat. What actually surprised me besides the portion size were the flavors and quality of the food. The gyro meat is sliced to order right in front of you off of a shawarma machine. The meat was flavorful with many great seasonings and it had a nice crisp outer texture charred to perfection. If you want to find a great place for gyros this is the best place. The chicken was incredibly tender and again you taste the freshness because it was made to order it doesn’t sit in a container waiting to be served on a plate.

Combo Platter

The Halal Guys are more than just great meat, the rice that they serve was light and fluffy and loaded with that great American Halal flavor and you never will feel like the rice has been sitting for too long. The pita bread and hummus, both made in house, are a great way to start off your meal. The pita bread was very doughy and tasted like it just came out of the oven, which it likely did. You are given a large serving of pita to go with the hummus and it comes in foil to stay warm and toasty. You need all the pita you can get because the hummus portion is gigantic and you will love that the hummus as it is being served in front of you is finished off by having olive oil and their flavorful seasoning served on top before it is given to you. The large serving is filled to the very top and you will have plenty to take home with you to enjoy.

Next I tried for the very first time, falafel which is a deep fried ball made from ground chickpeas, but you definitely don’t feel like you are eating an unhealthy fried food while eating this, more like a ball of moist soft flavor but with a crunchy outer layer, you will not get that greasy aftertaste like you just swallowed a 10,000 calorie snack. Also, when choosing your meal you get to choose from 3 sauces: first, the barbeque sauce created by the restaurant, it is tangy, but not overpowering when you put it on your food, just enhances the flavors. If you are a fan of barbeque chicken I definitely suggest this sauce, it doesn’t taste bitter and doesn’t leave a harsh vinaigrette aftertaste like most. Second, the white sauce, which is The Halal Guys secret sauce, I would get it just because of the simplistic yet amazing flavors it ties your whole dish together, its creamy but not heavy. It seems like it is a combination of a gyro cucumber sauce and ranch. The third sauce is the hot sauce and be careful with the HOT sauce because hot is an understatement. You better appreciate heat up to a little bit of burn if you are going to use this, but if you do, this was made for you.

The Halal Guys Team at Work

The last, but most certainly my favorite food at The Halal Guys was the Baklava. It is flaky moist of course made fresh and in house, the ultimate dessert if you want something that’s the perfect size to have a little sweet binge. Super sweet, it has different textures that balance each other out, crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Most importantly it tastes very fresh (like everything else at Halal Guys). This particular Baklava is something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.  


 What makes this fast food restaurant so different from any other fast food chain I’ve been to, it’s the service. You always get a big hello yelled to you by every employee at the same time when walking in, so you can count on being in a welcoming environment. You will always notice the smiles on their faces when serving a customer and they are always happy to help. And what might be the most unique part of eating at Halal Guys is just when you felt you didn’t get enough of that amazing white sauce with your meal, an employee walks up to your table to offer you more, with a bottle in hand.

If you are looking for a lunch or dinner that is going to WOW you with flavor, The Halal Guys is a must visit. It might sound fast, but that is just how you get served. It is food worthy of eating slow and enjoying and after one visit you will most definitely begin planning you next visit to The Halal Guys.

For more information visit: The Halal Guys

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