The Flats Restaurant Review – Balancing Ingredients in Unexpected Ways

Forget everything you know about flatbreads. Actually, forget everything you know about flavors because executive chef Kyle Schutte creates flavors that you would have imagined would somehow work, but they more than work, they create an unparalleled flavor experience. The Flats and Chef Kyle bring a menu that will leave Beverly Hills always looking for the latest creation that comes out of the kitchen.

Chef Kyle Schutte

The Flats is all about flatbread, but while you might associate flatbreads with pizza that would be selling Chef Kyle short, but he did throw in a margarita as well as a pepperoni version to appease the pizza lover in the group. The new-school flats are so unique in flavor that you will not recognize these selections from any other restaurant and the best way to go is order a few for the table and let everyone enjoy them.

Chef Kyle began his culinary career in the south and then found his way out west, but the one consistent thing was always his ability to be creative with the menu. To show he has no fear and that he can create regardless of what he is given, Chef Kyle went on Cutthroat Kitchen and told the producers he was not going to bid on any sabotages and he became the first chef to walk away with all $25,000 in prize money. In addition to his creativity, Chef Kyle brings freshness to his kitchen as there are only two items that aren't made in-house and he has people creating in his kitchen nearly all 24 hours that are in a day.

Poutine Flatbread

It is hard not to start with the southern-fried chicken version is the flatbread that really showcases the sweet and sour balance that Chef Kyle brings to each dish. The chicken that is on the flatbread is tender chicken breast that is covered in what you expect on crispy fried chicken. That is just the beginning as Chef Kyle took mozzarella and washed it in pink lemonade, not only giving it a beautiful pink color, but he perfected the process to give it the saltiness you expect from cheese and just a hint of the lemonade flavor. Then is given a little more sweetness with a light dusting of watermelon powder and then at the end you will get some heat from the in-house made tabasco sauce. You truly get are run through a plethora of flavor experiences with each bite.

Charcuterie Board

Charred Calamari

While the poutine was created far from Chef Kyle's southern roots, he does this flatbread justice. It begins with the rich and thick home-style gravy that is topped with big slices of the cured bresaola, melted cheese crudes, crispy potatoes and fresh herbs. This gives you all of the big flavor you expect in a poutine, but it also comes at you in a lighter fashion and won't leave you feeling overwhelmed when you are done eating. The Boardwalk brings together shrimp and octopus in wonderful seafood version of a flatbread that is magically brought to life with all of the flavor of ricotta cheese. You can also try a cured beets flatbread that features toasted cocoa and the duck confit that has a red wine pudding. The fun of these flatbreads is simply that Chef Kyle gets you thinking of flavors and at what you thought might have sounded a little bizarre at the beginning of the night, made perfect sense at the end of the night.

Fried Mozzarella

The small plate menu also is the picture of creativity and the fried mozzarella takes center stage. This one giant mozzarella stick with all the goodness you come to expect with this classic appetizer but then the flavor genius of Chef Kyle takes over. Bringing an almost peanut butter and jelly combination with the multi-layers of peanut and grape jam that you can roll into every bite and then it is finished off with an amazing cilantro flower that adds a nice pop of heat to complete the experience. The charred calamari lives up to its with great smoky flavor throughout the tender and fresh calamari that is accompanied by a smoked mayo, toasted fresnos and then it is brought into balance with the cured pineapple. You aren’t going to find a better calamari dish in all of Los Angeles.


The charcuterie selection is as good as it gets, lean and flavorful cured bresaola, bruleed duck liver and fernet pate and cheeses that include the creamy and rich robiola bosina and the smooth Humboldt Fog that is a goat milk cheese. This is a great way to start off your Flats dining experience and in addition to the meats and cheeses, Chef Kyle has to throw a few twists in and the mustard ice cream is certainly one of them. Everything that you expect from ice cream is in here and you will get a fabulous mustard flavor that is subtle and nice enough to eat by itself but it lends itself perfectly to accompany anything on the charcuterie.

Dessert is just like everything else on The Flats menu, it is different than anything you have tried before. The tiramisu is almost what you would call deconstructed as it comes in layers of goodness starting with the steamed vanilla and coffee cake that is crumbled and then topped with mascarpone ice cream and whipped espresso. If you love the flavor of coffee you will truly love this dessert and even if you don’t, the flavors just create a perfectly rich dessert.

A cocktail menu that pushes the boundaries of mixology is to be expected at The Flats, and it delivers. The Bucho gives you a tequila twist to the classic cocktail the old fashioned and brings all of the smoothness and flavor you would come to expect while allowing you to get just enough of the Angelisco Reposado tequila flavor. Regardless of your affinity towards a specific liqueur, you are going to find a memorable cocktail.

The Flats is a restaurant you need to go in with an open mind and be willing to experience new flavor combinations and just allow yourself to be put in the creative hands of Chef Kyle. Flatbreads might be the focal point of the menu as you read it, but the true meaning of this menu is creativity to go with a setting that allows you to experience and share these flavors with family and friends.

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