Smashburger - Proving That Smashing is Better

Don’t let the “smash” in Smashburger fool you into thinking that you are getting some flattened out typical burger, the “smash” is actually the secret to one of the best burgers you will ever taste. The smashing is a method unlike any other and as soon as you take a bite you will want to start smashing all of your food.

BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar Smashburger with a side of Chili Fries

Smashing a burger is exactly what it sounds like, a plump meatball shaped portion of 100% Certified Angus Beef® is smashed on the grill that is lightly covered with butter. Once it is on the grill your cook takes a smashing tool and presses the beef into a patty and this action caramelizes the beef, creating a sear that locks in the juices, which you can taste in every Smashburger.

Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad

This cooking method is actually only half of the reason that Smashburger creates such a mouthwatering burger. The other part of the secret is the high quality beef that it uses and then add to it that the meat is never frozen. Smashburger starts early every morning putting together a kitchen of all fresh ingredients. While a regular burger will certainly satisfy anyone, to not try one of the specialty Smashburgers would be cheating yourself. There are a few amazing Smashburgers that are carried by every restaurant, but what makes Smashburger unique to each area as that each city or state that is home to a Smashburger will carry burgers that have specific flavors to that regions.

The OC Smashburger

If you live in Southern California, fittingly you will find the OC and the LA versions of this juicy burger. The OC version is so flavorful it just might make it past the California borders very soon. The OC Smashburger is topped with truffle mayo, garlic sautéed baby portabello mushrooms, baby arugula, grilled onions and aged Swiss cheese on an egg bun. After tasting this burger you  will never again settle for a typical burger, as the flavors seem to fight each other to take control of your taste buds and luckily for you they all come through. Even better than the burgers is the price, this could easily sell in the 10 to 12 dollar range and yet the regular sized Smashburger is typically 4.99 and the larger version is 5.99.While the Smashburger is the focal point of the menu, you can also find chicken sandwiches, fried pickles, chili cheese fries, bean burgers and some of the best salads around. The spinach and goat cheese salad is just a plethora of flavors and combinations that makes this a meal all by itself. The goat cheese compliments the balsamic vinaigrette and then with each bite you will find raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes that give you an extremely healthy and filling dinner, yet one that does not shortchange you on flavor. Smashburger proves that you can take the creativity from the kitchen and transfer it to the grill.

Original Smash with a side of Fried Pickles

Where has Smashburger been all your life is what you will be asking yourself after taking your first bite. Well luckily for everyone founder Tom Ryan simply decided he wanted to make a restaurant with an amazing burger. Tom took all the knowledge he has obtained over the years not only from the Ph.D. in Flavor and Fragrance Chemistry, his Masters in Lipid Toxicology and his undergraduate degree in Food Science, all from Michigan State University, but also from his years in the food industry. Tom was behind some of the best ideas from McDonalds such as McGriddles, Big ‘n Tasty, Dollar Menu,  as well as the Stuffed Crust Pizza and Lovers™ line at Pizza Hut. Tom came up with a burger that surely will end the arguement of what is the best burger around, it has to be the Smashburger.

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