Simmzy’s Restaurant Review – Home to the Three F’s: Flavor, Freshness and Fun!

Brussel sprouts! This might not be the food that will catch your attention or entice you to visit a restaurant but you will quickly change your mind after trying the version from Simmzy’s. If the Brussel sprouts are that good, well you can imagine the rest of the menu is spectacular and it is.


Simmzy’s recently opened their third location, in Burbank and it certainly won’t be the last with the amazing experience that they offer guests. Simmzy’s is such an inviting restaurant as you enter, you will find some very cool and casual spots for friends to gather and have a beer, there are an assortment of games including a bean toss right next to tables as your make your way through the open aired setting and upstairs you will find a shuffleboard table. A great environment for groups of friends or families, Simmzy’s is really the place for everyone.

Simmzy's Brussel sprouts

With the casual and fun setting you might be expecting typical American cuisine on the menu. Trust there is nothing typical about this menu. There is a reason I mentioned the Brussel sprouts first, when a vegetable and linger in your mind on your taste buds long after your visit, you know Simmzy’s is doing something right. Flash fried and then thrown in a pan with butter, garlic, scallions and a few other spectacular flavors, the Brussel sprouts come out to with a nice char to the exterior but you take one bit and you get an incredibly tender and full of flavor bite. This isn’t on the menu so if you don’t hear it mentioned when you sit down, ask, you don’t want to miss this delicacy.

Fish Tacos

The rest of the menu comes down to freshness and flavor, a pretty good combination. Los Angeles is known for its fish tacos, so saying that these are at the top of the list is some pretty high and well deserved praise. One bite in and you know there is something special about these fish tacos and it is the fish. Simmzy’s uses fresh wild-caught Oregon rock cod and it is topped with fried Fresno chile rings and spiced sour cream to go along with charred tomato salsa, creating just a wide range of great flavors. If you love fresh, any tuna dish on the menu is going to wow you, as Simmzy’s brings in fresh tuna everyday and uses it for their Grilled Mediterranean Ahi Tuna, Ahi Tartar and Ahi Tuna sandwich.

Bacon Blue Deluxe

Simmzy’s is also known for their burgers and there is a reason, they use a great Angus beef patty to get things started and from their they get creative. One of the best burgers anywhere is the Simmzy’s Bacon Blue Deluxe. Topped with blue cheese and simply perfect candied bacon and then given and extra kick of flavor with garlic aioli and shallots, each bite is hamburger heaven. While the angus beef is of the highest quality, my favorite part is if you order it rare, it is served red, not like most burger places in Los Angeles that are afraid to prepare a burger in this fashion, when the meat is of this quality, eating it any other way would just be a shame.

The thought and insight that Simmzy’s put into the ingredients in their food is exactly what they put into the beer and cocktail menu. If you love beer, Simmzy’s is one of the best spots to pull up a bar stool and just taste away. Simmzy’s tries to find the best local breweries, but they also attend beer festivals in search of the best and most unique beers around and that is exactly what they did. You are going to find beers such as; El Segundo Blue House IPA, Anthem Hops Cider and Simmzy’s own IPA. The beer lineup is always changing and the best way to experience the wide variety of beers is to order Simmzy’s Flight of the Day and go from there. If you prefer a cocktail, few places can match Simmzy’s when it comes to the spirits they offer. You are likely to find a number of bottles that you don’t recognize because; once again they search out the finest spirits to make cocktails that go beyond your typical bar mixer. The drink to order in my opinion is the “It’s Cool to be Old,” which features the robust Eagle Rare 10 year Bourbon. You certainly can’t go wrong with any specialty cocktail as Simmzy’s and if you come in for brunch on a Sunday, The Bloody Simmzy with a bacon wrapped Brussel and lava salt is a must!

“It’s Cool to be Old”

Simmzy’s managed to create a very fun and casual setting while elevating your dining and drinking experience to another stratosphere. They simply are one of those rare restaurants that go the extra mile to make sure that you have an amazing experience in every possible way. And while they look in every corner of the world to bring you the finest ingredients, they somehow keep your experience at a very reasonable price.

For more information visit Simmzy’s

Note: The Burbank Simmzy’s will be the first to hold a liquor license, while the Manhattan Beach and Long Beach locations are beer and wine only.

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