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Seoul Sausage Co. Review - Passion Project to West LA Staple

By Clayton Stanley

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Seoul Sausage is a prime example of having a persons dream of perfecting a seemingly every day product and having it become a beautiful reality.  Having a few simple and extraordinary products can lead to great success, and that is exactly what this deli-style restaurant has done.  What started out as a Korean BBQ food truck by brothers Yong and Ted Kim, along with Chef Chris Oh, has grown into the must-visit restaurant that it is today.


The exterior of Seoul Sausage Co.


Expanding on the idea of the fast-casual dining experience, Seoul Sausage set out to create a minimalist menu of above average product.  There are three categories of foods to choose from; sausages, balls and the specials.  Each section has two items with it’s own eclectic Korean BBQ spin.


The deli-style restaurant is meant for the quick on-the-go experience seeing as my first visit to the “Little Osaka” storefront was during a trek to find a flavor that was a little different during a lunch break. 


The fast-casual menu of the restaurant


The very first item I had tried on the menu was the poutine, the special had appealed to me immediately.  I have tried poutine before but I’ve never had the signature Canadian side dish with a Korean spin.  To my surprise, everything involved with the poutine was meshed together with perfection.


Photo of Korean BBQ Poutine with the pickled red onions on top


The fries consist of the main portions of this dish, and it can make or break the poutine.  Luckily, these particular fries do everything right that most restaurants do not.  The fries are not too thick, but not too thin, the creamy cheese-curd sauce gives it a flavorful and rich texture, and the signature Korean BBQ with a topping of pickled red onions is what makes this Seoul Sausage poutine completely unique. 


The Galbi and Spicy Pork sausages are a little pricey at $7.00 for a relatively averaged sized sausage, but the flavor that’s packed into the item makes it worth your well-earned dollar.


The Spicy Pork Sausage


In just the few short years that this food-truck-turned-restaurant company has been established in West Los Angeles, they have gone on to be crowned the season 3 champions of Food Network’s, “The Great Food Truck Race”.  I can imagine it has certainly given the establishment more than a little well deserved attention.


A reason to visit LA’s Westside may not occur often, but if you do happen to see your way near Santa Monica, be sure to stop by Seoul Sausage Company.


11313 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 477-7739



Published on Feb 11, 2014

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