Sammy's Woodfired Pizza & Grill Review - Pizza is Just the Beginning

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill might have pizza in its name, but Sammy’s is far from your typical pizza joint. Sammy’s owner Sami Ladeki gives his guests the best of both worlds; you can have a perfectly prepared pizza with that unique flavor that only wood can give it while also creating a menu that brings out flavors and combinations that would appeal to even the most discerning palates.

If you are going to visit Sammy’s you must try the pizza, even if you just share one amongst your table in case everyone wants to give something else on the menu a try. The woodfired pizza is a completely different experience and combines that with the unique combinations that Sammy’s has on the menu and you are not going to want to eat pizza any other way. The taste of the wood is absorbed into the crust and it is baked to a slightly crispy and crunchy texture. The artisan thin crust is the perfect compliment to allow you to take in all of the flavors of pizzas such as; brie cheese and truffle oil, sun-dried tomato and smoked bacon, raclette and fingerling potato. While you can go with traditional toppings, it is the uniqueness of the cheeses and toppings that really makes Sammy’s pizzas special.

Artisan Pizza

You don’t even have to be a pizza enthusiast to love Sammy’s, in fact you could come back to Sammy’s countless times before you even begin to make your way through the menu choices. Sammy’s got extremely creative with the shrimp and grits dish. Taking on grits all by themselves is a challenge but to marry them with shrimp, Spanish chorizo, Swiss chard and smoked provolone sounds like it just might have too much going on. It doesn’t, if you are looking for one dish to try when you visit Sammy’s this is it. Extremely rich, the ingredients are folded nicely into the perfectly prepared grits and not one flavor overpowers the dish, they all blend together to give you subtleties of every flavor with each bite that you take. This would be a great dish without the shrimp, but they are a perfect compliment to the complexities of the flavors.

Shrimp and Grits

Sammy’s keeps with the wood theme with a number of the dishes on the menu and the flavors are so amazing you are going to think of turning to wood in your own home. The oak roasted chicken breast and salmon filet each come out juicy and tender and again the deep woody flavor really comes through in these dishes.  A perfect pairing for either one of these dishes or simply by itself is the oak roasted asparagus. You will love the char on the exterior that gives it a little crunch, but still maintaining the juicy interior, you will find this makes for what could be a complete meal when it is topped with romano, prosciutto, evoo, and balsamic vinegar. For those of you that enjoy asparagus, this is a must try dish.

Duck Tacos and a Chocolate Martini

Sammy’s also put together a great appetizer menu with items that are perfect for sharing amongst your table. The discussion has to begin with the mini duck tacos, personally I would be happy to have this plate of tacos as my entire meal, they are that good. While duck might not always bring an air of familiarity to everyone, if it is done right, it is a treat. Sammy’s not only does it right but the pairing the feta cheese was a stroke of genius, it really brings out the rich flavors in this dish. Complimenting it to balance the dish out nicely is the napa cabbage and the tomato-cilantro sauce is a well thought out combination that really gives you that sense of eating a taco. The other appetizer that will entice you is the lobster mac & cheese. A lot of variations of mac & cheese are delivered out of the kitchen these days but cheese has to be first and foremost and Sammy’s delivers, using the thick and creamy Tillamook cheddar cheese and there is no skimping. Toss in lobster and you have the perfect comfort food dish and I will challenge you to take a bite and not find some lobster, it is everywhere.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

You could taste deserts all over the world but you will not find a desert with a more apropos name than Sammy’s Messy Sundae. If you love an indulgent over-the-top desert than this is a truly beautiful mess, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream filling up a wide glass and then topped with chocolate and caramel sauce along with walnuts. Clearly Sammy’s needs a bigger glass as the toppings pour down the side of the glass and literally make it look like a candied glass and then it continues onto a plate, there is so much desert you better have a few spoons to share.

Messy Sundae

An amazing and unique menu along with a beautiful setting would seem to be enough reasons to entice you to visit Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, but there is more. The one thing that is missing with all of these flavorful dishes is the high price you would think would associated with them. The highest priced item on the menu is $19.50. In this day and age if you want value for your dollar whether it is a group outing, a family dinner or a date, Sammy’s is a bargain. Sami also has made a focal point of his menus healthiness, there are a number of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan items.

Sammy's Oven

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill will change your perception of what you might expect at a pizza restaurant. Sammy’s offers one of the best pizzas around but after one visit you will quickly realize that pizza is just the tip of the iceberg. They menu items and flavors just keep going and going.

 For more information and locations, visit Sammy's Woodfired Pizza & Grill

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