Saint Marc Pub Restaurant Review – Flavorful Goodness at Every Turn

Huntington Beach has always been a little more edgy and unique than your typical beach town.  The recently opened Saint Marc – Pub, Cafe, Bakery & Cheese Affinage at Pacific City is a perfect beachside fit. They do things a little different than most, they have something for everyone and they do it all flawlessly.

Cheese board

Upon entering Saint Marc you will feel at every turn you are entering an entirely new experience. You first see the stunning open air bar, then a cheese shop that will wow you with selections, a kitchen that you eat at the counter while watching the chef’s work. Then you have the fresh bakery and finally the gorgeous and inviting restaurant. Generally when you try to do too many things, you come up short in at least one area. Saint Marc has magically perfected every area of the experience, they have made everything their specialty, so no matter what you want and it is going be well worth the visit.

Cheese store

The first thing that will strike you on the menu is the bacon and cheese selections. Saint Marc features eleven flavors of bacons and you can choose your favorite or create your own custom flight. There are such unique flavors as coffee rubbed, habanero and garlic parmesan. If all of those flavors of bacon is not quite enough for you, how about bacon stuffed dates or artichoke. The cheese selection is even greater, with five different cheese boards to choose from or you can design your own. You can go from Wisconsin to California to the European Union and to enhance the experience, Saint Marc has an amazing 32 wines on draft.

The freshness and quality of the ingredients show in the quiche lorraine. The quiche is likely taller than any quiche you have ever seen and is still light and airy but loaded with flavor from the combination of gruyere cheese and bacon and the subtleness of the caramelized leeks to complete it. The cheese takes center stage in so many dishes ranging from an assortment of omelets to grilled cheese sandwiches taken to another level.

Swine Board

Baking all of their break and pastries really sets Saint Marc apart. Nothing typifies this more than the homemade biscuits and gravy. You really need to forget about any experience you have had with biscuits and gravy and allow the Saint Marc cheddar biscuits and sausage gravy speak for themselves. You get perfectly light and flaky biscuits that are loaded with cheddar flavor and then it is topped with silky smooth gravy and sausage is so tasty you could eat it by itself. All of the baked goods from the bread that comes to the table to the pastries are all fresh and addicting. Saint Marc is a great way to start your day at the beach, just walk in and grab on of their strawberry and almond Danishes and a coffee and you are off. To further show you the care taken in the ingredients, the ahi tuna that Saint Marc uses was frozen within hours of being caught, making sure that when it is thawed it is as fresh as the day it was caught.

Biscuits & Gravy

If you are looking for a sit down experience even on a Tuesday, Saint Marc will take care of you as they have started serving brunch seven days a week. The idea being that why limit brunch to the weekend, especially when so many people visit Huntington Beach as a vacation during the week. 

Kobe Chili Cheese Fries

Pina Colada

The thought and detail that separates Saint Marc from everyone else in Huntington Beach can be witnessed everywhere in the restaurant. From high-end wine on tap to craft beers in a can and a mixology lineup that includes spinning the insides of a grapefruit into a liquid and serving it as a cocktail right inside the actual grapefruit, pairing with gin is preferred.  The tables all have iPads so you can view the food, place orders and pay and while you don’t have a singular server, the service from the entire staff is as good as it gets. The entire team at Saint Marc is always making sure you are taken care of and that your food and cocktails reach you in short order. Executive Chef Jay Bogsinske refererred to Saint Marc as "genuine hospitality."

Grapefruit and Tonic

Whether you want to grab a piece of bacon to go, sit down for a few cocktails and a cheese board, you will quickly grow to love Saint Marc. This is a restaurant that is for anyone and everyone and pairing it with a day at the beach makes this restaurant the place to be in Huntington Beach from sunrise to sunset.

For more information visit: Saint Marc

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