Saint Marc Pub-Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage – A Flavor for Every Appetite

What is in a name? Well if you are Saint Marc Pub-Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage, there is a lot in your name and it might leave you wondering what exactly is their specialty? The answer to that question is that their specialty is giving you an amazing experience, whatever part of the name you are looking to enjoy. 

There is no question that there is a lot going on at Saint Marc in Huntington Beach and while sometimes too much is simply too much, that is not the case here. Saint Marc is the place from creative dishes to pastries to cocktails, that manages to do them all to near perfection, while also providing you with the ultimate experience. For those of you who enjoy different parts of the day, the great experience and fabulous food begins early and it goes late and there are plenty of fun activities at the bar throughout the week.

"Hey Ma!!! The meatloaf, we want it now!!"

Executive Chef Winnona Herr was formerly the sous-chef at Saint Marc, so not only did she know the menu the originally menu and kept that going, but she also brought in some new twists and flavors for you to try. If you love steak, skip it, come to Saint Marc and order the "Hey Ma!!! The meatloaf, we want it now!!" This is not any meatloaf you have ever experienced, each bite of this bacon meatloaf is gloriously rich and the smoked blue cheese mornay, that is baked onto the meatloaf and also doubles as a bed, is the perfect compliment. Pork belly takes center stage on two dishes that you might have to flip a coin over which one is superior. The "Sprouts & Snouts" is comfort food at its finest, you have charred, caramelized Brussels sprouts that are good enough to eat by themselves, but then paired with the pork belly and finished off with a sunny side egg which is all brought together with honey mustard dressing. If you get a little bit of everything in each bite it packs a serious flavor punch. The sweet pea Cavatelli Ricotta Pasta is almost too beautiful to eat. The sweet pea is pureed into this beautiful vibrant sauce that has just a subtle bit of sweetness that plays off the richness of the pork belly nicely, but it is all brought together by the handmade pasta which oozes freshness.

"Sprouts & Snouts"

Sweet pea Cavatelli Ricotta Pasta

Bacon, beer and cheese, has elevated all of that goodness to the highest level so that you can enjoy them at Saint Marc unlike anywhere else. Right across the street from the beach, the Saint Marc Bacon Bar makes for the ultimate grab-n-go experience, the Saint Marc Bacon Bar offers 11 signature flavors of bacon 'buy' the slice which can be ordered to-go at the special bacon bar door. The bacon lineup includes such flavors as; Nueske’s Wild Cherry, Garlic Parmesan, Paprika Slanina, Benton’s Country, Tender Belly Maple, English Style Back, Zoe’s Applewood Uncured, Apple Pie, Tender Belly Habanero, Nueske’s Double Cut and Coffee Rubbed, You really haven't had bacon until you have tried the bacon from Saint Marc. Thick, high quality and each piece gives you the flavor you would expect from the name, if you order the habanero you are definitely going to taste the heat. If a slice of bacon won't do it for you, Saint March has incorporated the habanero bacon into the grilled cheese sandwich that is aptly named the "Sun Devil." But the cheese does not end there, Saint Marc finds cheese from all over, allowing them to serve authentic "Wisconsin cheese curds" as well as the "Brie Griller", a grilled cheese with brie and granny smith apple fig jam and new to the menu, the "Saint Marc cheesy biscuits". What you will love about these biscuits is they are always different, the cheeses are always changing so you never know the flavor you will be getting, but with the quality of cheese that Saint Marc brings in, you know it will be amazing!

Now that we have hit the bacon and cheese we can move onto the beer. 32 canned beers that are always changing and always very worthy of making their way onto the Saint Marc menu. The first thing to catch your eye about the Saint Marc menu is that they give you recommendations of what beer to pair with what entree. You are going find beers from such breweries as; Ballast Point, Belching Beaver and Green Flash. Saint March also has a wide assortment of high-end wine on tap that you can purchase by the ounce. If you are looking for something a little outside of the norm, Saint Marc has it for you with their Twisted Grapefruit and their syphon coffee. The Twisted Grapefruit says it all in the name as the insides of a grapefruit are spun into a liquid and served as a cocktail right inside the actual grapefruit. Mix in tequila, vodka or gin with your fresh grapefruit and you have a cocktail that was made for the beach. The syphon coffee is brewing coffee using two chambers and it gives you a much better tasting coffee and mixes flawlessly with a number of spirits to create a tasty hot cocktail. If you are curious as to why Saint Marc uses the beverage program that they do, Manager Matt Tobey can give you the detailed explanation, but it comes down to freshness and taste and trying to give you a unique experience. When it comes to unique experiences, make sure to visit the Saint Marc website and click on the blind pig, you can thank me later.

The tables all have iPads so you can view the food, place orders and pay and while you don’t have a singular server, the service from the entire staff is as good as it gets. The entire team at Saint Marc is always making sure you are taken care of and that your food and cocktails reach you in short order.

Syphon coffee

At this point if you can manage to eat anything else and if you have gone well beyond your expected dining experience, you simply must finish off your meal with the "Saint Marc S’mores”. You begin with an amazing heath bar cake, then topped with marshmallows and one flaming one to give you a true s'mores experience. If that wasn’t enough you get a caramel sundae on the side.

"Saint Marc S'mores"

Saint Marc is literally the place you come for one thing and wind up staying for something entirely different. You can grab some bacon on the way to the beach, come back later for appetizers and then take your day into night with  the festive bar and everything unique that goes with it. There is no need to suggest what to get or when to go to Saint Marc, simply go. Once you are there you will find that Saint Marc has an answer for whatever your appetite is looking for.


For more information visit: Saint Marc

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