Saint Marc Pub-Café Bacon Bar - Come for the Bacon, Stay for Everything Else

In the few months since its inception, Saint Marc Pub-Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage has become the rare dining spot that has the ability to satisfy the wide-ranging personalities that visit and make up Huntington Beach. Gourmet food and cocktails both served with a twist and then some and then add in a bacon bar, this makes Saint Marc the only place you need dine at in Huntington Beach.

Cheese Board

Bacon and more

Right across the street from the beach, the Saint Marc Bacon Bar makes for the ultimate grab-n-go experience, the Saint Marc Bacon Bar offers 11 signature flavors of bacon 'buy' the slice which can be ordered to-go at the special bacon bar door. The bacon lineup includes such flavors as; Nueske’s Wild Cherry, Garlic Parmesan, Paprika Slanina, Benton’s Country, Tender Belly Maple, English Style Back, Zoe’s Applewood Uncured, Apple Pie, Tender Belly Habanero, Nueske’s Double Cut and Coffee Rubbed. You really haven't had bacon until you have tried the bacon from Saint Marc. Thick, high quality and each piece gives you the flavor you would expect from the name, if you order the habanero you are definitely going to taste the heat. You can also find this fabulous bacon throughout the menu including the grilled cheese called the "Sun Devil." This features habanero jack cheese, the habanero bacon and a smoked tomato jam.

Bacon wrapped dates

The mixology program is as unique as the menu, highlighted by the most creative Bloody Mary you are likely to ever come across, the "Ghost of Bloody Mary." The name ghost is apropos as this Bloody Mary is almost completely clear. Created using Fugu Habaneroo Vodka, tomato consommé and white balsamic chips creates a lighter version of the bloody Mary, but don't be fooled by appearances, it packs a lot of spice and flavor and it is finished off with a chili-lime rim that will wake your lips up.

Ghost of Bloody Mary

Wine on Tap

That is just the beginning when it comes to adult beverages at Saint Marc, they offer a wide assortment of high-end wine on tap, an always changing lineup of craft beers in a can and a mixology lineup that includes spinning the insides of a grapefruit into a liquid and serving it as a cocktail right inside the actual grapefruit. Mix in tequila, vodka or gin with your fresh grapefruit and you have a cocktail that was made for the beach.

Infused Tito's Vodka

Saint Marc has created the best nighttime experience in Huntington Beach with nights like; Trashed Canned Tuesdays, where you reach into an ice cold barrell of canned beer and cider and for $5.00 you just never know what you are going to get, but you can bet it will be well worth it. Take advantage of the wine on draft with Wined Up Wednesdays when guests receive one dollar off all wine by the ounce. Any night of the week you can try your hand at nightly beer pong, they have a live DJ and of course you can always grab a slice of bacon!

Trashed Canned Tuesdays

The tables all have iPads so you can view the food, place orders and pay and while you don’t have a singular server, the service from the entire staff is as good as it gets. The entire team at Saint Marc is always making sure you are taken care of and that your food and cocktails reach you in short order.

While you are going to find plenty of fabulous appetizers to share with your table such as deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds, Saint Marc has put together a spectacular lineup of entrees. A chicken pot pie that is almost all chicken. Just a crust on the top, some fresh mushroom and seemingly endless tender chicken, you have never had a pot pie like this. You can also indulge in the Hudson Valley Foie Gras, bacon wrapped dates and more on this wide ranging menu.

With the weather heating up, visiting the beach is always popular and Huntington Beach provides one of the more unique and fun beach experiences. Equally unique is the experience at Saint Marc, so whether you want a slice of bacon in between waves, a cocktail or gourmet food, this is the place to visit day or night in Huntington Beach.

For more information visit: Saint Marc

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