Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant Review – Seafood So Fresh You Will Think You are on the North Shore

The “Aloha” spirit. If you have ever been to Hawaii you know what that is, friendly and caring people and when you leave Hawaii you wish you could bottle that up. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant did manage to do that and combined that Hawaiian feel with food that is fresh and inventful

Every restaurant has to have its signature dish and while the Japanese Misoyaki Butterfish with Sizzling Vinaigrette might not be Roy’s signature dish, it is so good i’m going to take a little creative liberty and say that it is. Honestly when it is served to you it probably won’t strike you as anything terribly fancy, but when your fork touches the butterfish and you see how easily it falls apart you get a sense of what is in store for you. Butterfish is the perfect name for this black cod that is marinated for 48 hours, as you eat it you will get a visual of a hot knife cutting through butter and that is just how tender it is.



Any restaurant with Hawaiian in its name you are likely expecting fresh and flavorful fish to be used to create some memorable sushi,Roy’s does not disappoint. A bit off from traditional sushi, Roy’s offers up what immediately became my favorite roll, the Lakanilau Roll. Your taste buds are going to be in a fight when you take your first bite of this dish. A thin slice of Wagyu Beef tops this roll and inside you will find snow crab and to add a crunch texture and even more flavor you will find tempura asparagus. So many great tastes in one roll, this is a sushi dish worthy of being called a meal all by itself.

Lakanilau Roll

Roy’s has a great wine list and you can create some magical pairings with their fish entrees, but this island atmosphere calls for a drink to match the mood. That drink of course would have to be Roy’s Island Mai Tai. One of those drinks that tastes just a little too good going down, but will remind you once you are finished of what you just drank. Created with Castillo White Rum and Cruzan Black Strap Rum you are in for a real taste of Hawaii with this drink.

Roy's Island Mai Tai

If you want to give Roy’s a small trial run, visit the Aloha Hour, the name is different than happy hour because the food and drinks are unlike any other happy hour you will ever attend. Five dollar drinks and appetizers than include lobster California roll, Wagyu beef sliders and calamari just to get things start. They also offer up the entire specialty cocktail menu as well as a wide assortment of high quality wines. Once you have tried Aloha Hour you will become a regular.

Leslie's Warm Strawberry Guava Tart


To kick off your dining experience at Roy’s, you can’t go wrong with any of the sushi or sashimi, but two other options on the menu are worth a try. The competition in creating an over-the-top mac n’ cheese is at a frenzied pace these days and for those of you who love this dish, you should be thankful. Roy’s took their mac n’ cheese, added a rich, smoky gouda to make sure you never forget this dish is about cheese and then they added some of their kalua pork. The combination of all of these heavy ingredients makes for a robust and tasty dish, complimented so well by the oh-so tender pork. Perfect to share because it is so rich that eating it on your own might leave you almost too full for the main course. If you are looking for something a little lighter, the calamari is a perfect choice. Fried calamari tends to be more batter and less calamari, not so at Roy’s. They have somehow perfected a way to coat the calamari just enough so you know something is there and that will provide a little crunch, while leaving you with what you ordered, calamari. Too tough to call, order both of them and share them among friends, no one will be disappointed.


Curry Dusted Crispy Calamari

Keeping with the “Aloha” spirit, Roy’s really does cater to its customers and does everything they can to make this a warm and inviting atmosphere. The service is impeccable andRoy’s has a staff that knows the menu as if they had created it themselves. If you have any doubt as to what you want to eat, they will point you in the right direction. Roy’s also has some fun experiences outside of just dining. They provide cooking classes so you can try your hand at some of these tasty dishes at home. They are a great spot for any type of party and they are so open to working with their clients to make sure they have the best time possible.

Roy’s is offering a three course Fall Prix Fixe Menu for $35.95. You are not going to find a better value anywhere as Roy’s is putting out some of their best dishes with this deal and you can finish this trifecta off with their Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé. Even better, to help Roy’s say Aloha to 2011, they are offering a New Year’s Eve Menu. If you want to avoid the parties that are being promoted everywhere, create your own party with a first class dining experience. This four course meal is highlighted by Chinese Style Sizzling Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, a marvelous appetizer to get you started.

You may not find the white sand and surf of Oahu or the tropical beauty of the Islands, but Roy’s will give you everything else that speaks Hawaii. Hawaii really is a state of mind and Roy’s was able to bring that state of mind to each of their restaurants. Amazing fresh fish, a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere and just like Hawaii, a place you wouldn’t mind just sitting own for a few hours, drinking in a Mai Tai and letting the day turn into night. 

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