Restaurant Review - Kincaid's - An American Restaurant Celebrates Its 15th Year



Sunset at Redondo Beach Fishermnan's Wharf

Redondo Beach.  The lovely rays of the sun sunk into the Pacific as we sat on the enclosed patio of the newly rebuilt area of Kincaid's Restaurant celebrating American cuisine drinking their Schramsberg Blanc de Noir champagne.   According to General Manager, Reggie Thomas, there are very few beach restaurants with porches where you can observe the ocean and watch the sunrise and sunset.  

Kincaid's Restaurant at Redondo Beach, Fisherman's Wharf

On its fifteenth year anniversary, opening in 1999, executive chef Lance Corralez prepared specialties of the house for over 40 guests as manager Lora Cawelti also welcomed us.   


Kincaid's Chef Lance Corralez

As the evening breezes washed over us, we enjoyed deviled organic eggs with crème fraiche and caviar (delicious with a hint of spice), prosciutto on rosemary skew with persimmon, and crispy rice with spicy tuna (also with a hint of spice.)  It was paired with a grapevine cocktail treat and ciroc vodka


Kincaid's Deviled organic egg with creme Fraiche and Caviar, crispy rice with spicy Tuna and prosciutto on Rosemary skew

Our second course was the rotisserie pancetta chicken salad with pomegranate vinaigrette. 


Kincaid's Rotisserie pancetta Chicken salad with pomegranate vinaigrette

Then paired with Light and Sunny feat - Woodford Reserve RUI Private Label, we were served seared Ahi with Wasabo Aioli and asiago crusted halibut cheek with scallop butter. 


During the meal we were serenaded by musicians Aragorn and Olivia. 


Kincaid's Coconut prawn with orange marmalade and tomato bisque with Oregon crab

Tomato Bisque with Oregon crab was served next, along with coconut prawn and orange marmalade.  I especially enjoyed the kale Caesar salad.  Our wine was Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc.  Then paired with Jordan Chardonnay, the chef served us truffle risotto with lobster tail, miso cod with Asian slaw and grilled sockeye with fennel slaw. 


Restaurant Review - Kincaid's - Filet Mignon with smoked mushrooms and grilled NY on Scallop Potato with Blue Cheese Butter

Jordon Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied by filet mignon with smoked mushrooms and grilled New York on scallop potato with blue cheese butter. 


Kincaid's desert tray - Yummy all!

The deserts were the best -- Kincaid's famous Key Lime pie, along with Godiva chocolate explosion cake with salted caramel ice cream.   These were paired with Graham's Tawny Port.   After all that alcohol, I truly enjoyed their specialty coffee. 


The restaurant, known for its exquisite fish dishes and extensive wine list,  is located at the edge of Redondo Beach's Fisherman's Wharf.  Reservations can be made at 310 318 6080.   Limited street parking is available, but there is parking for the wharf.  Kincaid's is one of the few beach restaurants with patios where you can indulge yourself with the sunset while eating.  Prices were medium to upper range, and you can expect to spend $60-70 without the wine.  There were so many delicious choices on the menu, I would have gladly stayed longer and enjoyed more treats. 


They have a great Sunday ala carte brunch, which you might want to check out.  Almost everything that we were served is available at the restaurant and the chef seemed very accommodating when people had special requests.   There are several sister restaurants of Kincaid's around the city and other parts of the country, but I am sure there were none as lovely as this place.   Should you decide to come on a special day - as the 4th of July - you would have house seats for the great firework spectacular.  The restaurant is open every day except Super Bowl Sunday, when they close early to give their workers time off to enjoy themselves, as well.  Anyone that takes care of their people that well has my vote.  I'll definitely be back soon. 


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