Public School 213 - A Lesson in Beer

What is the adult equivalent to recess? Well that would have to be happy hour with friends! No one does recess quite like Public School and the only homework on the menu is to eat great food and drink some amazing craft beers.

Public School is very scholarly, offering guests “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer”. If it was possible to major in that, who would not want a doctorate in those fields? Public School certainly offers 400 level flavors when it comes to food and beer as well as craft cocktails with clever names and fabulous flavors. The school theme will keep you smiling with all the memories that Public School conjures up and that smile will only grow bigger when the food and drink arrive.

Flight of Beer

Public School is trying to share their education principals in cities such as; Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Denver, just to name a few. Hopefully the growth of Public School continues and you will find one in a city near you soon. What is fabulous about Public School is that if you are a beer connoisseur, each location brings in beers that are unique to their region. The restaurants are allowed to put their own stamp on the rotating menu and the greater Los Angeles Area (Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, Sherman Oaks and Thousand Oaks) works together to create one unique list that’s featured in four Southern California locations.

Rotating Draft Lineup

Public School 213 recently participated in LA Beer Week along with Belching Beaver Brewery out of Vista, California and they currently are carrying two of their fabulous beers on their rotating tap list. The two beers are "Me So Honey Blonde" and "Here Comes Mango" IPA. The honey blonde is the perfect LA beer, light, refreshing and the sweetness of the honey really comes through with each drink. The mango IPA is for that beer drinker that loves flavor but doesn't want to be overpowered in any direction. The mango is subtle but it also does a great job of cutting down the hoppiness of what you expect from an IPA, thus creating a beer that works for everyone and is extremely well-balanced.

Ahi Tuna

Public School has such variety that it is a great place to put two or more beers against each and see which one is your favorite. If you love stouts, Public School 213 has two fabulous versions on tap, the Black House Coffee Stout from Modern Times and the Velvet Yeti from Great Divide Brewing. Both are the nitro version and both are amazing and here you get a chance to put them side-by-side and taste the differences. Don't worry if for some reason you don't love beer, Public School has a great craft cocktail program. The Crushed Velvet is a very refreshing cocktail centered around Tito's Vodka and ginger beer and then finished off with lavender, blackberries and blueberries giving it layers of flavor.

A Lesson in Beer

Each location has a setting that is all their own. For example Public School 213 in downtown Los Angeles has big tables that were made for groups, whether a weekend of hanging out with friends or walking down the street to join co-workers for happy hour. If you are looking for a fun way to spend an evening or a lazy weekend afternoon this is the place. Grab a bunch of appetizers and pair them with some beer or a flight or maybe indulge in the all you can drink mimosas that are created using wonderful peach puree.

Crushed Velvet

The appetizer list is simply as good as it gets and there is something for everyone at Public School. The crispy buffalo cauliflower gives you everything you want in a buffalo wing except the chicken and you will never know the difference. If cheese has to be included for you to be happy in a bar setting, the bacon cheddar totsps or the chorizo mac & cheese will more than satisfy you. Big chucks of chorizo can be found in nearly every bite and the gooey richness of the emmental and cheddar make this one of the best mac & cheese dishes around. Finally you will love the contrasting flavors that go with the ahi tuna poke. Fresh tuna that is served with pickled cucumbers, cilantro and passion fruit gives your taste buds a little of everything and the taro chips that are served with the tuna make for the perfect vessel.

Shrimp and Grits

Moving to the main course and again there are plenty of options at Public School. One that you might not be familiar with but is worth trying is the shrimp & grits. The shrimp are fresh and tender, but the smooth and delicate grits that are finished off with bacon are the highlight of the dish. If you love burgers you can choose from the standard version or go to something different such as the BBQ Bison Burger that is grass fed bison. The interesting thing that Public School is currently doing is Burger Wars. Each Public School has created their own unique burger and they are certainly just that, unique. You can find the Ramen BurgerPS at PS 972, featuring spicy kimchee, sriracha mayo and crispy fried ramen on a bun. PS 805 created the Mac Attack!PS with includes the panko crusted chorizo mac & cheese and mustard bbq sauce. If you want the standard menu items simply done right, you can choose the fish & chips, pan-seared salmon or a skirt steak.

If you are looking for a setting that is inviting and will put a smile on your face, Public School will welcome you in like the first day of school. While the concept is amazingly fun, you will find that the food, cocktails and of course and always changing lineup of beer will keep you coming back.

For more information visit: Public School 213

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