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PizzaRev Santa Ana - Celebrating Three Years of Creating PIzza the Way You Want It

By Stephan C Martin

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PizzaRev created a build-your-own pizza that allows you to be on your way in minutes with a fresh from the oven pizza made exactly the way you want it. PizzaRev is going to be celebrating its three-year anniversary on August 28th and will be offering $5 pizzas all day long to celebrate.

Double Dough Pizza

PizzaRev makes pizza about as easy and fast as possible. You simply pick your crust, go down the line and choose your sauce, cheeses, meats and endless vegetables. The pizza is where it all started and PizzaRev starts with dough that is made fresh daily in-house and that freshness comes through in each bite. You can choose from thin, thick and gluten-free crusts and they all cook up to perfection in three minutes in the 900 degrees oven. Once you pick the crust, the combinations are almost endless. If you want be a little healthier you can try the gluten-free crust with organic sauce and dairy-free Daiya cheese. You can go with some of the Pizza Rev recipes such as BBQ CHICKEN that features; sweet & bold BBQ sauce, mozzarella with buffalo milk, grilled chicken and red onions. Or you can experiment and go with some bleu cheese, meatballs, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes. Fresh ingredients and plenty of them make this an amazing pizza experience.

Pizza the way you want it

PizzaRev recently added wings to the menu and these are no afterthought. The wings come in boneless and original and they are smothered in the PizzaRev original sauces. Wings are one of those foods that people love, but they also love to judge them and can be very finicky about. The PizzaRev wings can hold their own against anyone. The original on-bone wings are tender and very meaty and they are the fall of the bone variety, they are that fresh. The boneless are equally good, great quality chicken and a nice light crunchy texture on the exterior. What really makes these wings pop is the PizzaRev homemade sauce that comes in nine flavors. While the sauce is not only fabulous on their wings, it will add a nice bit of heat to any pizza. You are going to find flavors such as; datil pepper, jalapeno, chipotle, mango bonney all the way up to the over-the-top hot ghost pepper.

PizzaRev Wings

In addition to pizza and wings, you can also craft your own salad and then pair it all with wine and a great assortment of beers on tap as well as wine and a soda machine that lets you create any flavor imaginable.

Wing Wednesday

In addition of $5 pizzas, one lucky customer will win pizza for a year. So if you have not experienced PizzaRev, this is the day to stop in and try some great pizza along with some tasty wings. PizzaRev makes pizza not only fast, but they make it delicious and with every ingredient you want.

For more information visit: PizzaRev Santa Ana

Published on Aug 14, 2017

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