Pearl's Rooftop - Brunch at it's Finest

Sunday in Los Angeles, how to spend the day? Let me count the ways, they are seemingly endless with brunches at the tip of your fingertips. But not all brunches are created equal. Combine the flavors of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard and then place a brunch on a rooftop overlooking it all and you have Pearl's Rooftop and a day that you hope will never end.

Pearl's Rooftop

Who doesn't love a refreshing mimosa with brunch? Pearl's elevated the mimosa experience with an entire mimosa kit. The kit comes complimentary with the purchase of any bottle of champagne and is the perfect addition for any group as they give every ingredient imaginable so everyone gets their favorite flavor. To go with your champagne, you can mix it with; orange juice, apple cider, cranberry juice, white peach puree or strawberry and passion fruit. You are also going to be treated to sides of; fresh berries, apple slices and cinnamon. This is the mimosa experience to end all mimosa experiences.

Mimosa Fun

Somehow not everyone is a fan of the mimosa, but thankfully Pearl's has a cocktail menu that is even more creative than the mimosa kit. Mixology is front and center at Pearl's and with so many unique and flavorful creations you are going to have to keep coming back to try them all. R + R NY Sour gives you all of the makings of a classic sweet and sour beginning with Reilly's whiskey, the lightness of egg white and then finished with a red wine float. The Blood orange & sand while leaning towards the sweet side, is also the most flavorful cocktail on the menu. The combination of Effen Blood Orange vodka, Antica sweet vermouth, cherry herring and orange juice really brings a powerful citrus flavor and for those of you who enjoy blood orange, well the vodka makes for a wonderful pairing with the cherry flavor. Finally the Mood Indigo, which is as beautiful as it is flavorful, was made for a rooftop under the sun experience. Light and refreshing, this cocktail combines Pages Violet liqueur, 50 Bleu vodka, blackberry and basil to create a very well-balanced cocktail that is easy to drink.

Reilly's Smash

While you no doubt might forget to eat with so many wonderful cocktails, Pearl's has a brunch menu that ranges from the classic brunch dish, to the creative and some fabulous healthy alternatives. Needless to say they have a little something for everyone.

Mood Indigo

The highlight of the brunch experience are the toasts. It is a great idea to order a few of them and just let everyone have a bite of each one to experience these great flavors. It begins with a thick piece of toast that has a great crunchy texture while keeping the inside light and fluffy and from their they are all topped with goodness. The chorizo toast is simply decadent as it is loaded with the richness of the chorizo and aged cheddar, then topped off with a soft egg that allows the yolk to escape over the entire toast once you cut into it and then finally it has a hint of freshness from the arugula. You can also try the avocado, smoked salmon or the cinnamon French toast crunch with is topped with a crème anglaise and fresh berries and maple syrup. That is about as good of a French toast as you will find anywhere.

Chorizo Toast

If you are looking for classic, the steak & eggs with a beautiful 8 ounce New York strip is amazing and the pretzel croissant sandwich with eggs, aged cheddar, bacon, aioli, scallions and spinach will put all other breakfast sandwiches to shame. If they are not well known for lobster yet, Pearl's certainly should be with a unique lineup of dishes that would entice any lobster fan. You can choose from the lobster club, lobster tail tacos and lobster flatbread. The flatbread is incredibly unique, a great thin and crispy pizza crust loaded with big pieces of lobster that is complimented by garlic butter and lemon zest along with crème fraiche and mozzarella cheese.

Lobster Flatbread

The bowls are all full of flavor and are created to give you a few healthy choices to start your Sunday morning. Quinoa bowl comes with two eggs, roasted tomato, broccolini, avocado and chimichurri, while the toasted farro has two eggs on a bed of arugula, romesco and leeks.

Pearl's is a lot more than brunch. You can enjoy this Hollywood hotspot any time of the week and late into the night. In addition to just coming in for food and cocktails anytime of the day or night you will find great deals such as Tuesday, which is dollar oyster night and Wednesday, which is lobster night. This night features lobster mac n' cheese, 2 pound whole Maine lobster and many more lobster variations.

Looking down Sunset Blvd

While on the rooftop of Pearl's you can't help but notice all of the tourist buses that pass by on an almost constant basis. While tourists are looking up in awe, you will likely feel they should be viewing this venue as iconic and worth taking a picture of. While you might not run into a celebrity at Pearl's, then again you might, you will likely feel like the celebrity as you enjoy not only one of the best rooftop experiences in the city, but you also get to enjoy one of the most iconic gathering places around.

For more information, visit: Pearl's

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