Not Your Mother's Cauliflower at Stonefire Grill

To me, cauliflower was always a poor excuse for a vegetable. White, tasteless, with its only redeeming feature being that it is known as an anti-Cancer food. It was like someone left broccoli in Clorox overnight by mistake. Well, all that changed when I recently visited Stonefire Grill in West Hills for a media party. 

They had some amazing dishes made with the strange veggie. In one, they roasted a whole cauliflower and had a very tasty lemon tahini sauce on top. (5.99). The top was browned and looked yummy. It was. In another one, it was served inside pita bread with a bunch of fresh greens and other vegetables with a wonderful Serrano sauce. (5.99). I loved it. I am a long time vegetarian and chef, so I was intrigued and interested in their new veggie entrees.

There were other new menu items for us to taste, including a New Shrimp and a Grilled Chicken with Pesto Sandwich, all affordable.


SFG Grilled Chicken Pesto

This was fun, especially on the patio in the unseasonably cool evening of the Valley. I grew up out there from 14 on, so I knew the Fallbrook Center well. It was like a homecoming for me. Lots of nice memories.

The hit of the show for me was without a doubt the Cabrese Sandwich. (7.99). Fresh Mozzarella with basil pesto, arugula, balsamic vinegar and crushed grape tomatoes on a crispy ciabatta. You HAVE to try this. Bet you can't eat just one. I had three!

I don't drink alcohol much, but I had to try Stonefire's own micro brew beer. It was great. Not too stout, but tasted a lot like my fav, Amstel Light. I was impressed they had their own label, and I highly recommend it.  Edible cauliflower, great veggie and meat treats, and nice dinner companions on a cool summer evening. I was happy.

In these tough economic times, Stonefire Grill has kept their prices down with still very good fare. You can just get the appetizers and a beer some nights and go to a film nearby. That won't ding the budget and you'll eat like a gourmand. Of course, their regular menu looked fine also. They have seven locations, so you are sure to find one near you. Search online for their restaurants.

Hey, Mom was right. Eat your vegetables! Moms are usually right I have found, except about how to serve Cauliflower.

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