National Burger Day - Celebrate with Burger Perfection, Chianina

The plethora of burgers in Southern California is staggering. But when it comes to a burger worth of National Burger Month in May as well as the upcoming National Burger Day on May 28th it takes something truly special. Chianina Steakhouse has rolled out the ground Chianina burger to celebrate this month and what they have created is truly burger bliss.

Chianina Steakhouse in Long Beach, along with the recently opened Working Class Kitchen, where the Chianina beef is butchered, are the only two places in the United States that you can find this delicacy of a burger that is made with fresh ground Chianina beef. What you get is a robust and juicy burger that is topped with may tag blue cheese, pickled onions and Sonoma pickles and don't dare add anything such as ketchup or mustard, when you have something this good you just simply need to let the flavor of the burger take over.

Chianina Beef Burger

The Chianina beef is what sets this burger apart from any other. The Chianina cow breed is world-renowned for its muscle mass and lean, tender meat that ensures a higher quality cut and taste. While commonly used in Italy, the white cattle are also larger than most breeds used in beef but lower in fat with 30 percent less cholesterol and Chianina Steakhouse has purchased five Chianina cows and two bulls, which are being organically raised and grass fed in Utah. Chianina Steakhouse has created what is one of the finest steakhouses in the country, with the focal point being a steak menu that features cuts of the Chianina beef that is so tender that the restaurant does not even need to give you a steak knife to cut you steak, it is that tender.

It really is a true treat for any burger aficionado to experience the quality of the Chianina beef ground up into what is so tantalizing and rich in flavor that calling it a hamburger does not do it justice. The burger is certainly worth visiting either restaurant, but don't limit yourself to the month of May. If you are looking for a steakhouse that not only has unrivaled steaks, but also a gorgeous setting and amazing service, Chianina Steakhouse is one restaurant destination that you must visit.

If you are looking for a little more casual setting, Working Class Kitchen is a deli and sandwich shop that offers the highest quality and freshest ingredients by working with local sources.

The Chianina burger is a great reason to get you in the door of both of these great restaurants. The quality and taste of this amazing burger will impress you so much that you will find yourself having to come back to try the rest of the menu and both restaurants will leave always looking forward to your next visit.

For more information visit: Chianina Steakhouse and Working Class Kitchen

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