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Mixology 101 Review - A Tasty Lesson in Mixology

By Stephan Martin

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There are cocktails that you can find at any typical bar, then there is Mixology 101; where they take cocktails to a higher level. The only thing that you might have an issue with is the name. Clearly a 400 level cocktail experience, there are no 101 basics here.

Mixology 101

Located in the incredible shopping experience that is the Original Farmers Market next to the Grove in Los Angeles, you will be treated to cocktails, a unique menu and the perfect people watching spot in the city.

The Jamaican Sangria is a perfect example of what Mixology 101 does, they take a classic drink, turn it on its head and give you something even more tasty than the original. The typical sangria is light, refreshing, a simple alternative to a glass of wine. Let's start off by saying one Jamaican Sangria is going to be quite a bit stronger than the original, so prepare yourself. That is certainly not to scare you off , this stronger version is also a lot stronger when it comes to flavor with the Appleton 12 year old Rum really taking over the drink and then you get layers of sweetness with crème de peche, framboise, orange juice and honey syrup. If you are a fan of sweet and strong, this cocktail was made for you.

The classic champagne cocktail is one of those drinks you could drink all day, so flavorful while going down easy. While the champagne and bitters set the tone for this cocktail it is the rich flavor of the Remy VSOP cognac that really shines through and it also reminds you that drinking these all day might not be a great idea. The Velvet Rosa also takes you to another world when it comes to champagne by combining it with rum, peach puree, cranberry and peach schnapps. If you like champagne, you will love this cocktail.

Champagne Cocktail

To finish off your evening I would say pass on dessert and go with a Grasshopper. Amazingly rich that is brings together green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and fresh double cream giving you a similar experience as a mint chocolate chip ice cream, but very, very adult.


Don't get so overwhelmed by these amazing cocktails that you forget the food as Mixology 101 also has some great dishes. Every restaurant has that one iconic dish that you simply must try and with Mixology 101 it is the Brussels sprouts. Cooked with a tasty char and then paired with tender pork belly and top off with a fried egg, this is what an appetizer was meant to be. Layers of flavor and while the pork belly is amazing, those Brussels sprouts will be what you remember, that char leaves them slightly crispy on the outside but tender inside and the smokey flavor really takes over. Tomato salad with fresh mozzarella along with some fabulous flatbread pizzas and a very well done steak are a few of the reasons to come for the cocktails and stay for the food.

Brussels Sprouts with Pork Belly

Mixology 101 is a place that you will want to come back over and over because there are so many great cocktails, each time is a new experience. If you aren't careful and you tried all the previously mentioned cocktails you just might have missed out on the Plum Tuckered, which features green tea infused Beefeater Gin with sugar and egg white.

Guacamole appetizer

The ability of gourmet chefs to play with ingredients to create unique flavors has always enticed diners and caused them to seek out that unique dish that has yet to be tasted. Mixology 101 has brought that same creativity to the bar with a cocktail lineup that will wow your taste buds and leave you realizing that the mixologist can be just as genius with a spirit as a chef can be in the kitchen.

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Published on Dec 28, 2016

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