Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant Review - Miss Hong Kong Erin Tjoe Falls In Love With Modern Chinese Cuisine

Ever dream of authentic Szechuan dining, ambient lighting, and outdoor patios with glowing heat lamps sizzling up your romantic dining experience? Meizhou Dongpo restaurant offers a unique cultural allure and exquisite menu that patrons are filling up the seats to enjoy a taste of delectable Chinese cuisine.

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant makes my Top 10 Chinese Restaurants list!


Upon entry, the delightful staff greets you with top-notch customer service; the décor is modern and chic. It’s rare to find a Chinese restaurant that is conscious of food allergies and where the chef creates delicious gluten free choices. It caters to palates of all backgrounds from prestigious international delegates to families, from romantic dates to business meals. 

Spicy Garlic Eggplant - I still think about you often

The artful display of each dish is served like its twin on the website photographs, shall we say, “Consistency!” I’ve been to many Chinese restaurants in my lifetime and this place pays particular attention to the details of each dish. The restaurant features a trendy bar in the center where you can order a full menu of cocktails and fine wines. I can imagine corporate happy hours and intimate celebrations are enjoyed here.

The wait staff is quick on their feet and wonderful to work with, especially Manager Dan who ensured that our dinner was allergen free. No tummy aches for us! I've recently gone gluten & lactose free due to particular inflammation it may cause in the digestive system. It's worth doing some research on for your particular body type. Well, the good news is, after I ate at Meizhou Dongpo, my body felt rather light and energized rather than going into food comma.  

Peking Duck - A special delicacy with crispy subtle goodness

My favorite dishes of the evening were: Peking Duck and the Kungpao Shrimp. These famous dishes are here at Meizhou Dongpo and they have upped the ante with a Peking Duck carving show. The carver even let me hold the knife and make the first incision! I have a new respect for duck meat design, as the chef displayed such patience as he skillfully assorted each piece of meat and crispy skin.


Elite Chinese staff teach me the proper way to slice Peking Duck

A typical Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles may be less expensive by a few dollars per dish. However, the stylized décor and fine dining experience makes up for the price difference compared to other restaurants that may serve a similar menu. All in all, the prices are still quite affordable along with substantial portions for “family style” sharing.  

Kungpao Shrimp - Worth every bite

When my parents come to visit, this will be the first restaurant I take them to. I have a feeling they are going to love it and let’s just say, they have high standards for delicious Chinese food.  If you have a chance to visit, be prepared to bring a coat, just in case you’re sitting in the outdoor patio, have an open mind about the assortment of flavors and be ready to taste authentic Szechuan!


*A special thank you to: Meizhou Dongpo staff, Lawrence Davis, Mitch Sacharoff PR, & MNM Couture



Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant

10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste. 200A

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Neighborhood: Century City

(310) 788-0120

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