Luchini Pizzeria & Bar Review - The Pizza is Only the Beginning

Luchini Pizzeria & Bar set the bar with a wide range of pizza perfection, but the unique thing about this pizzeria is that they do everything just as well as their pizza if not better. You will quickly find that while Luchini is all about the pizza, it is clearly more than all pizza.

Luchini Pizzeria & Bar (Photo courtesy Warren Jagger)

While Luchini does so many things in spectacular fashion, this menu begins and ends with the pizza. Luchini serves up their own Napoli style or the classic Sicily (Sicilian) version in whole pies or you can just pop in for a slice. TAO Group corporate Executive Chef Marc Marone managed to bring together a pizza menu that would cater to every pizza fanatic in Los Angeles regardless of your favorite ingredients or the style that you are accustomed to.

A Slice of "The White"

The pizzas are all being prepped and cooked as you observe from this stunning restaurant and that allows you to see the care that goes into creating each pie and the fresh ingredients that go on top of each pizza. When it comes to the perfectly thin and crispy crust that is created for the Napoli, you can find such classic pizzas as the margherita, pepperoni or the supreme along with the New Yorker. The two pizzas that really steal the show when it comes to the Napoli pizzas are the white and the "hair of the dog" versions. The white is a cheese lovers paradise as it is loaded with mozzarella and ricotta and then topped with fresh wild mushrooms. If you prefer a vodka sauce on your pizza, the "hair of the dog" is as good as it gets. A rich vodka sauce topped with flavorful sun dried tomatoes, ricotta and rich and crispy prosciutto. The Sicily gives you that authentic Sicilian thick crust that has a great crunch on the outside, but a lightness to it once you bite into it. It is just cooked to perfection.

Margherita Pizza (Photo courtesy Ryan Forbes)

It might be sacrilegious to say in a restaurant that specializes in pizza, but the best item on the menu just might be the burger. Created using a custom blend that includes short-rib and brisket, this burger can be put up against the best burgers in Los Angeles and it will hold its own. This is one of the most beautiful burgers you will ever see and while you might not be sure how to attack it due to its size, that first bite I promise you will be memorable. It is loaded with fresh ingredients as well, included the pickled chilis, greens, honey mustard pickles and tasty fontina cheese. You can also start off your meal with the fabulous avocado crostini, featuring fresh avocado, heirloom tomato, cucumber, watermelon radish and chilis. These flavors really take what has become a popular appetizer and elevated it to a new level.

The Burger

You don't have to sit down to enjoy Luchini Pizzeria & Bar, although it is the best way to experience it. If you are out either just sightseeing or if you are making a light of it, you can stop in for a singular amazing slice. You aren't going to find better value for your dollar than the slices that include; cheese for $3, pepperoni for $4 and specialty slices for $4. Share this experience with your friends after a night out and they will love you even more than they did before!

Avocado Crostini

Part of the appeal of Luchini is the breathtaking bar. The bar is not just eye candy, they have an incredible mixology program and have also incorporated the cocktails to pair with some of the pizzas. The open air setting of Luchini lends itself to the freshness of the "Slice of Spice", which provides refreshing flavors with just a subtle bit of heat. The cocktails combines Effen Cucumber Vodka, St Germain, cilantro, jalapeño nectar, fresh citrus creating a drink that goes down very easily and pairs perfectly with the white pizza. If you do like spice that you can really notice, pair the Strawpeño with the Sicilian Burrata. The chili flake on the Burrata really comes to life when you take a sip of the sweet and spice tequila infused strawberries & jalapeño. Finally who doesn't love beer and pizza? Well Lunchini also offers a variety of beers on tap from the great local brewery Golden Road.

Luchini also added daily delivery that runs from 11 to 1am (late night pizza!) and will deliver within a six mile radius. If you live in the area this is a fantastic option to keep handy and if you are visiting the area in a nearby hotel, this gives you an opportunity to get delivery that tastes nothing like delivery.

The Other Pie (Photo Courtesy Ryan Forbes)

Hollywood is known for many things, but pizza usually doesn't come to mind when this glamorous town comes up in conversation. Luchini Pizzeria & Bar is going to change that very soon, as the pizza and burgers coming out of this beautiful restaurant will soon be the go-to spot for tourists and locals alike from lunch to late night and even delivery. If you do stop in for a late night slice, you just never know who you might run into as this has become quite the celebrity hotspot with Wiz Khalifa, Alexander Skarsgård, Alexa Chung, Jack McBrayer, Jack Falahee, Hailey Baldwin visiting Luchini to enjoy some pizza.

For more information visit: Luchini For delivery, call (323) 593-7771

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