Koi Los Angeles - Buzzed Mochi Tasting Menu kicks off National Ice Cream Month

Koi Restaurant is famous for their Japanese fusion dishes and their traditional Japanese dessert, but now to entice you even more, Koi has refurbished their classic mochi selection with a new Buzzed Mochi Tasting MenuKoi has introduced six new cocktail-inspired dipping sauces, transforming some of their favorite mochi flavors (and a few new exotic flavors) into a delicious, booze-infused after dinner treat. 

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Koi allows you to either “mix & match” your own pairings or sample the Chef’s Selection. Whether you’re craving a fresh fruit tart, a classic ice cream sundae or a rich chocolate indulgence, try two pairings for only $10 to satiate your sweet tooth. Here are the tasty choices that Koi offers:

Buzzed Mochi

Vanilla Mochi - Calvados Apple Liqueur Sauce, the Asian-fusion interpretation of classic Apple Pie à la Mode, this pairing is the perfect alternative to the traditional American dessert.

Mango Mochi - Malibu Rum Sauce tropical mango topped with a sweet Malibu Rum sauce transforms this simple dessert into an island vacation.

Passion Fruit Mochi - Grand Marnier Sauce a truly indulgent fruit salad, this exotic mochi is highlighted with the citrusy notes of Grand Marnier.

Chocolate Espresso Mochi - Irish Cream Sauce, the perfect substitute to an after-dinner coffee, this pairing will satisfy a coffee craving and impress your taste buds to a rich, chocolate finish. Mint

Chocolate Mochi – Kahlua Sauce Mint chocolate chip ice cream has been taken out of the cone and topped with a rich Kahlua sauce to highlight the cocoa flavors.

Strawberry Mochi - Dark Chocolate Chambord Ganache, the familiar flavor of chocolate covered strawberries enhanced by the soft mochi texture and a hint of Chambord.

Koi Dining Room

If you are looking for an inventive and flavorful way to finish off your evening, give the Koi Buzzed Mochi Tasting Menu a try, you won't be able to go back to your everyday pie or cake after these tasty treats that pack a little punch.

For more information on Koi, visit: www.koirestaurant.com


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