Hollywood Burger Restaurant Review - Burgers with all of that Hollywood Sizzle

A trip down Hollywood Boulevard is usually an event, taking in the sights and sounds. The recently opened Hollywood Burger allows you to do a little of both while also enjoying a juicy burger.

VIP Burger

Los Angeles has joined the battle of the burger that is going on across the United States. Diners are no longer satisfied with a frozen patty on a grill with cheese, ketchup and mustard. They want to be wowed and Hollywood Burger does that by starting with Harris Ranch premium, all-natural ground beef that is never frozen and served on a Martin’s Potato Bun. Great ingredients is how Hollywood Burger gets it started, but then it is the sear they create on the burger that allows the all of the juices to stay inside of the patty. From there it is just a matter of preference. You can't go wrong with the VIP Bacon Cheeseburger. Topped with perfectly crisp Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese and Hollywood Secret Sauce, you know what bite in you are in store for one fabulous burger.

Chicken Sandwich

Hollywood has catered to the vegan lifestyle long before it became a trendy diet. Hollywood Burger makes sure that your non-beef eating friends are taken care of by offering up a choice of either garden burger or spicy black bean burger. Top it off with plenty of vegetables and you have a great alternative to the beef burger lineup.

View from Hollywood Burger Patio

Don't be fooled by the burger in the name, Hollywood Burger does plenty of other things just as tasty as they do their burgers. The chicken sandwiches are made for someone with an appetite. Again it begins with a great chicken breast, that is bigger than you will find in almost any other chicken sandwich and topped with the spectacular spicy coleslaw makes this a must. If you are looking for something else, the salads are spectacular as well and it is worth adding the chicken and avocado. You are not going to leave hungry at Hollywood Burger and to go with anything on the menu they have a great assortment of tap beer.

Salad with Crispy Chicken

The burgers, hot dogs, the view and the amazing value are all great reasons to visit Hollywood Burger, but there is one thing that sets them apart and will put a smile on your face, the tots. Hollywood Burger takes you back to your childhood with those crispy hot tater tots that you loved. The design of the tot simply allows it get crispier than a typical French fry and Hollywood Burger gives them to you plain, with an assortment of great dipping sauces or you can do the Chili Cheese tots. Just make sure everyone gets their own, because otherwise you are likely going to wind up sharing and you will want every one of those tots for yourself.

Chili Cheese Tater Tots

Whether you are a tourist or you make your home in Hollywood, Hollywood Burger is the burger joint that not only satisfies your appetite, but does it in a way only Hollywood can. If you want to make your Hollywood experience complete, a juicy burger, some crispy tots and an ice cold beer will leave you remembering Hollywood Burger just as much as you remember Hollywood Boulevard.

Beer Lineup

For more information visit: Hollywood Burger

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