Hard Rock Cafe Mason Jar Sips - Cool Off This Summer With These Tasty Cocktails

The summer heat is peaking and that means everyone is looking for a way to cool off. The Hard Rock Cafe has come up with a refreshing and cool to do just that with their summer lineup of mason jar sips.

Shocking Shandy

The Hard Rock Cafe mixologists are always working overtime to come up with new and creative flavors to fit with one of their new menus or in this case, a lineup of cocktails that fit perfectly with the current season. The mason jars make you feel like you are sitting outside on a picnic table, enjoying the summer weather and the cocktails themselves match that feel.

Sangria Rosa

The cocktail that could begin and end all summertime drink conversations would be the Shocking Shandy. Light and refreshing, the Shocking Shandy gets that great ice cold beer taste from the Shock Top Belgian Wheat Beer, combined with the subtleness of Bacardi O and finished off in summer flavor with house-made lemonade. Your only problem with this cocktail is it goes down way to easy.

Black Cherry Frozen Lemonade

If you want a cocktail that will take you back to your younger years when a snow or a slushy was the thing that got you through the heat of summer, then the Black Cherry Frozen Lemonade is for you. The name says it all as you get the Hard Rock’s house-made lemonade and fresh lime juice, but then it is taken into adulthood with a mix of Bacardi Torched Cherry, Chambord, Black Cherry Real. This is simply sweetness, icy goodness.

Paradise Punch

The Tropical Rock gives you an Island feel while giving you all the fresh melon flavor you can handle. The Midori Melon Liqueur is the focal point of this cocktail but it is surrounded by a wide range of flavors coming from; a mix of Bacardi Razz Rum, DeKuyper Crème de Banana and Hard Rock’s house-made Pina Colada and of course it comes garnished with a cherry to finish this drink off.

The Hard Rock decided to take the Sangria and put their own twist on it as they created the Sangria Rosa. The fresh flavors from the blueberries, lemon wedges and strawberry slices are brought together with a mix of Torres De Costa Rosado, Bacardi O, tropical juices and club soda. Perfect for a Sangria drinker and enough of a variation that this cocktail will make anyone happy.

Richness, decadence and sweetness are what you are going to get with the Paradise Punch. This cocktail brings together a mix of Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Black, Cointreau, lemon juice, Monin Pomegranate, grenadine and bitters, garnished with a sugar cane stick and mint leaves dusted in powdered sugar.

Finally, the Hard Rock is always great about creating an alcohol-free cocktail that will satisfy you. They came through with another winner, the Summertime Blues. Think of blueberry lemonade topped off with Red Bull Yellow Edition.

You can come into any Hard Rock Cafe to enjoy one or all of these cocktails, but as always you can't pass up the incredible menu. One of the real treats you won't find at every Hard Rock Cafe, but you will at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk is the breakfast menu. This is the Hard Rock and they don't do anything ordinary and breakfast is no different.

If you want to take on Universal Studios, I would make sure to get the "Whole Lotta Love” Breakfast Burger. This is a whole lotta seemingly everything beginning with an Angus burger grilled to perfection. That is just the beginning, that burger is basted with a tangy sauce topped with lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, avocado, smoked bacon and a fried egg and not that you need them, but crispy breakfast potatoes come with this giant sandwich.

Slider Benedict

To get a little local flavor at Universal CityWalk you can try the So Cal Omelet. The Hard Rock takes a mushroom and Monterey jack cheese omelet and freshens it up with some pico de gallo and it is topped off with avocado and sour cream. You can try the eggs benedict, but why do that when you can get the Slider Benedict. Toasted English muffins topped with baby arugula, grilled slider patties, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and crisp bacon. This is as good as any eggs benedict you will try, but they are made even better with the juicy sliders.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for cocktails, breakfast, dinner, dessert or an over the top musical and memorabilia experience, the Hard Rock Cafe will always serve you an amazing experience.

For more information visit: Hard Rock Cafe

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