Hard Rock Cafe Holiday Menu - Enjoy Your Holiday With all of These Glorious Flavors

The Hard Rock Cafe has created the Rock n' Roll atmosphere that is unmatched to go along with a menu that is always fresh and full of flavors. But what really sets them apart is their ever changing specialty menus and for the holiday season they teamed up with Modelo beer to create another winner.

The Hard Rock Cafe focused the menu around Modelo Especial with the half pound bacon cheeseburger and the handcrafted beer cheese sauce. That is not all that the Hard Rock put together for the holiday season, they also had their staff of mixologists put together a lineup of original cocktails that will please anyone no matter what flavor or spirit you enjoy.

Modelo Especial Bacon Cheeseburger

The Modelo Especial Bacon Cheeseburger by itself is reason to visit any Hard Rock Cafe. The Hard Rock Cafe starts with a half pound certified Angus beef patty and then top it with grilled poblano chilies, garlic aioli and Applewood smoked bacon and the Modelo Especial pepper cheese sauce. The burger itself is as good as it gets, juicy and full of flavor but adding on all those toppings takes it the memorable burger level that you will be asking that it take up permanent residence on the menu. Don't be afraid of the poblano chilies, they are very mild on the heat index but grilling them really brings a lot of additional flavor to the burger and the beer cheese will make you forget about the typical slices of cheese on a cheeseburger. Four different types of cheeses slowly melted together with the rich flavor of Modelo beer makes this not only perfect for the burger, but is the perfect dipping sauce for your fries.

Holiday Cocktail Lineup

While the Modelo is the beer that was made to be paired with this fabulous burger, the cocktails for the holiday season are too tasty to pass up. The highlight of the cocktail menu is the Bohemian Rasp-Sody which was crafted by Kazuki Gato, BARocker 2015 Champion, from Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. A fruity and rich cocktail that takes fresh raspberries and monin passion fruit shaken with Smirnoff Vodka and is mixed with Robert Mondavi Merlot and scratch sweet and sour and topped with a house made passion fruit foam. This drink is a work of art and all of the ingredients come together nicely. If you are looking for a more classic cocktail the Southern Jam uses Monkey Shoulder whiskey to create just that. The drink brings together Monkey Shoulder and Black Cherry Real and is mixed with fresh blackberries and lemon juice and while the other ingredients tone down the whiskey enough that anyone can enjoy it, the Monkey Shoulder still steals the show with that smooth whiskey taste they have perfected. You can also try two other cocktails that bring out that holiday feel, She's My Apple Pie which is very similar to a caramel apple in the form of a cocktail and the Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot which gives you a cinnamon and island feel to it conjuring up a cocktail that would be fun to drink by the fireplace as you were opening gifts Christmas night. They are all fabulous cocktails and well worth a return trip to the Hard Rock Cafe to try each and every one.

Smoked Wings

The seasonal menu allows the Hard Rock Cafe to show off some new and creative items, but it seems visit after visit there is something on the daily menu that you haven't tried before that wows you. The Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings are a true delicacy and leaves all of the bar wings that you are used to eating in the dust. The Hard Rock Cafe begins by slowly smoking the wings which leaves them tender and full of smoky goodness resonating throughout the chicken and don't be afraid if you see a little pink in the chicken, which is simply because they are smoked. After that they grilled with your choice of sauce, which should be the tangy barbeque, which gives it just a hint of sweetness that goes well with the citrus edge you get in each bite.

Southwest Flatbread Pizza

The Hard Rock Cafe might be more known for a rock n' roll atmosphere, but the fresh ingredients and care that they take in preparing fresh and flavorful food will leave you enjoying the food as much as the setting of the restaurant itself.

For more information visit: Hard Rock Cafe

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