Fuku Burger Los Angeles Restaurant Review - Get Lucky in Hollywood

May is National Hamburger Month, a great excuse to get out and sink your teeth into a juicy burger. If you have not been introduced to Fuku Burger Los Angeles in Hollywood, this is a great excuse to visit, but after you try one burger you will never look for a reason to visit Fuku, it will just become your one and only burger joint.

To celebrate National Hamburger Month, Fuku Burger Los Angeles has launched the SUMO BURGER for the entire month of May. Customers can ask for any burger on the menu and “SUMO SIZE IT!” The Sumo Burger is 2 1/2 pounds and $40 Dollars. Guests have 20 minutes to eat the entire burger, if they complete the challenge, Fuku Burger will buy them the burger, you will receive a complimentary Fuku Burger T-shirt and have a chance at winning “FUKU FOR LIFE!”

The Fuku burgers all have a Japanese inspired flare to them that came from the creative minds of Colin Fukunaga and Robert Magsalin. The partners took Las Vegas by storm with their FukuBurger truck and decided to join forced with Harry Morton (Viper Room, Pink Taco) to bring these tasty burgers a little more west. A favorite at Fuku is the Tamago “Egg Burger,” which is topped with a fried egg, crispy onions, teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo. This burger might sound like it has a lot going on but there is true method to this madness. The flavors all blend perfectly but it also tastes like you are getting more than one meal as able to taste each distinct part of this burger with each bite and I love that the egg is fried so you don't have yolk running all over your burger. If are looking for a really hearty and filling burger the Tamago will satisfy you. The Buta “Bacon Burger” takes what is already a rich burger and adds a little twist to it as the pickled red onions; pickled red ginger and Japanese barbeque sauce adds just enough sweetness to really compliment the richness of the burger and bacon.

Tamago "Egg Burger"

To satisfy the diverse Los Angeles crowd, Fuku Los Angles changed up a little from the original Fuku truck menu by adding a turkey burger and falafel burger and each original burger can be substituted out with turkey, chicken or falafel. Don’t worry about making special requests to your burger, the staff at Fuku is amazing and they do everything to make sure that leave Fuku full and happy.  Almost as good as the actual burgers what is even more amazing is the price. You can get the “Crispy Chicken” for seven dollars and the most expensive burger is the Buta “Bacon Burger” at ten dollars. You are not going to find a burger of this quality anywhere else for this price, certainly one of the best bargains in Los Angeles.

Fuku Burger is one of those rare restaurants that is not just a dining experience, but just an experience in itself. Fuku begins the day as a great place to enjoy a burger then gradually as day turns into night the atmosphere picks up and becomes a trendy place to gather with friends to enjoy music, beer and a lively atmosphere. Finally as bar time hits Fuku is the only place to be seen as they stay open till 4 a.m. to make sure once you are done for the evening you really aren't done. Make your way to Fuku from any of the Hollywood hot spots and either finish off your evening or start your day early with a Fuku burger.

There are six original burgers that were born on the Las Vegas Fuku Food truck and the Fuku patties that are used in each of these burgers is made with 75% ground short rib and 25% ground chuck. The short rib is a true treat as it really elevates this burger to a gourmet level.

Edamame Hummus

Don’t just stop at the burger, while that is the delicacy that gets you in the garage door, the rest of the menu is just as creative as burger side. I would start off my visit to Fuku with the hummus, as a bit of a hummus snob, I was not sure what to expect as the hummus really stuck out like a sore thumb on the Fuku menu. That is until I found out it was mainly prepared using edamame and what a creative way to go, tranforming this soy bean flavor to a hummus flavor you would never guess what it was made of. One of the most popular items on the menu is the jazz fries. These golden crispy fries are topped with brown gravy and crack sauce. Still trying to put this one together in my mind, but if you had to put a face to this dish, I would say think of a crispy baked potato covered in gravy, I would have never thought of doing this but a great alternative to your run of the mill catsup or ranch that everyone dips their fries in. Finally I would highly recommend the pork skewers. Again Fuku got a little creative here as the pork belly is slow roasted and then it is fried to a crisp so you get a really nice crunchy exterior while the inside is tender and soft. It is finished off with a great maple sesame glaze that gives you a breakfast bacon with pancake feel to it. Lining up these three dishes with a cold microbrew would make for a great way to enjoy a sunny Southern California afternoon.

Taurus serving up Sake

In terms of liquor, Fuku Burger serves only sake, wine and beer and while that might sound limiting, it is anything but limited. Sake is known primarily as a liquor that stands alone, but Fuku has combined their house sake to make some amazing cocktails. In honor of their location, the headliner would have to be the Cahuenga Sunset, which mixes pineapple, orange juice grenadine along with house sake. You really get the fruit flavors of the drink but the great thing about the sake is that it actually makes the cocktail not as sweet as you might find in your typical bar, allowing you to enjoy all of the flavors. While the cocktails are all great, even more enticing is the lineup of beers. Don’t expect to find your run of the mill beer at Fuku, what you will find are obscure and hard to find microbrewery beers that are full of flavor. Fuku is always changing their lineup based on the seasons as which are rare to find in a restaurant. For those of you, who really want to take your pallet to the next level, make sure you get a recommendation from your bartender or server as they will let you know what beer to pair with the appropriate burger. Finally a visit to Fuku Burger would not be complete without doing a Fuku Bomb. Part show, part drink, this is perfect for a group of friends. The bartender lines up glasses with Sapporo beer and balanced between each glass is a shot of sake. The bartender magically flicks one shot at the first beer perfectly knocking each additional shot into their beer and then you just slam down this smooth combination.

Fuku Bomb

You will notice the phrase “Get Lucky” throughout the restaurant and the simple reason is that the translation of Fuku is “Get Lucky.” After taking a bite of a Fuku burger and chasing it down with Fuku Bomb you will leave Fuku thinking that you did “Get Lucky.”

For more information on Fuku Burger, visit: www.Fukuburger.com

If you are in Las Vegas and want to track down the Fuku Burger truck, visit: http://fukuburgertruck.com/schedule/


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