Fresh Griller Restaurant Review - Fresh, Fast, Healthy and Tasty

Fast food has become an epidemic as people are trying to do everything faster these days, including eat. While that might be a boom for the fast food industry it certainly isn’t a good thing for your health or waistline. The newly opened Fresh Griller in Santa Ana has taken the concept of fast food and turned it on its head. The food will get to you fast at Fresh Griller but you won’t find anything greasy or unhealthy, you will find clean and healthy flavors that will make your turn your nose up every time you pass a fast food restaurant.

The Fresh Griller takes on a Chipotle style format for serving which allows you take any of the innovative flavors on the menu and create your own bowl, salad or wrap in just minutes. You choose from Midwest raised steak, chicken or the veggie version to get things started. From there you can add white or brown rice, a flavor twist on Pico De Gallo that has a hint of ginger, white beans, vegetable medley or the amazing kale slaw.

Fresh Griller Wrap

The finally topping, the sauces are where you will get the concept of Fresh Griller, infusing blends of American, Asian, Mediterranean and Latin flavors. You will find a creamy wasabi, sweet chili, bbq, spicy aji verde, teriyaki and balsamic vinaigrette. The teriyaki is on the menu if you want to keep it simple, but the other flavors are all going to provide you a little bit of an interesting twist on what you might normally expect. The creamy wasabi really worked well with the chicken as you get a familiarity of ranch but you also get that “wow” flavor of wasabi. If you are a little fearful of being overpowered by the wasabi this is actually the perfect sauce for you as you get a hint of the wasabi, but it is really cut nicely by the addition of the ranch.

BBQ Chicken Bowl

The Fresh Griller signature dish is the BBQ Chicken Bowl and after taking one bite it just might become your personal signature dish.  A vast assortment of flavors and textures will force your taste buds to work overtime, taking your from the original barbeque sauce that is accented perfectly with a hint of guava and chipotle flavors. The dish then gives a vegetable medley that is so fresh it feels like it was just picked out of the garden and then they are complimented with white rice. What really takes this dish to another level is the kale slaw. Mixed in such a manner when you get a little of everything you will be taken on a flavor rollercoaster. The kale slaw is really creative and flavorful; the addition of the superfood kale gives this crisp and flavorful slaw even more goodness. The amazing thing about this bowl is that it is made of such high quality food you are likely to be full before you can reach the end of the bowl.

The Fresh Griller Crew

The Fresh Griller also is the only restaurant I have seen that has a soda dispenser that provides pure cane soda. So flavorful you will want to come back just for the flavor and just a little tip, mix the vanilla and the orange, you will swear you are drinking a dreamsicle. The Fresh Griller has a number of healthy side items to try that are great compliments to your meal, the two that are great to go with your meal or just to take home are the hummus and the parfait. The hummus is fresh and thick; once you try it you will find it to be an addicting snack. The parfait makes a tasty and healthy dessert and the fruit is hidden at the bottom of the container to keep it fresh and crisp. You might come across a parfait at a fast food restaurant and you will find there is no comparison, the Fresh Griller version is in a completely different stratosphere.

If you are looking for a restaurant that can change your lifestyle and not crush your budget, Fresh Griller should be at the top of your list of restaurants to visit. You are likely to spend more on a value meal at McDonalds than what one bowl or wrap at Fresh Griller and if you can leave satisfied and knowing you are giving your body a true treat and you can do it for a great price, there is not much more you could ask for from any restaurant.

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